Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seeing him off


We went to... umm.... I don't remember. My memory is failing me. Boo.


I was stuck at work until nearly 4:30 and met my dad for dinner. The dinner was alright. We talked, and he seemed to enjoy that. J and B canceled their dinner plans with us for the weekend.


3:45pm is when I left work, but I could have spent a lot more time there. I was prepping for all sorts of projects and substitutes. I get to his place and we catch up, then he showers before we head out. We go to dinner at the swanky hotel in my city with a good happy hour. I had only been for food with him once before, and with my cousin on Christmas night for drinks. We sit and after 2 glasses of wine I am finally able to talk about my day at work. IT WAS HELL. My last class was horrible- probably the worst they have ever been- and I had a fellow colleague looking in on me. I was livid, and today I am still livid about it. Oh, and throw in I had a migraine. He encouraged me to talk to the principal etc. about my concerns. He tells me how he's no longer going to be an Apple boy as his work phone will soon become a Droid, so no free texts between us anymore. We walk around the hotel afterward, take pictures, and get cupcakes at the cupcake place nearby. They were pretty good. I had a cookie dough cupcake. We go back to his house and we both crash about 10:30 on the couch and make it to bed by 12.


We get up about 8 after tickling each other, then pack. He is going on a marathon tour around the country this week and had an early flight out of LAX Sunday. He gives me an overnight bag and he gets his suitcase ready to go. He talks about how insane the forecasters are making the wind out to be. I tell him it was bad, and it was especially bad Thursday morning at work. They had been saying on TV the gust in the area was over 45mph. He was being obstinent and was going to disagree because he could. I believed everything Bri told us.

We pack in my car - I had a lot of school stuff in there for my conferences I have this week and it was packed. We head to McDonalds and get blown violently back and forth by the wind- he still refused to admit it was bad, but he knew it was. LOL. We eat and then head to Kohls in Ont. I buy a watch using my Kohl's cash only to discover it had no clasp, so we return it. Down the freeway to Nordstrom Rack and then to El Mexican Town. It is this big Mexican shopping center you pass on the 105 on the way to EL-LAY-X. We are the only gringos and enjoy some ceviche y margaritas while relaxing con música espanola. I have 1 margarita, but he keeps drinking because he's not driving. We stop at a super cool Skechers where the guy working keeps discounting the shoes even more than they were already discounted since no one there buys big sizes- I got 2 pairs of Skechers for $23.00 including taxes. We will be back. It's worth the trip.

We spent time while relaxing scouting out dinner. I was craving sushi, but he wanted mariscos. We drove around town looking for the place that was highly rated, but couldn't find it. Since I'm driving and because I realized on yelp we were nearby somewhere I'd only heard about on TV I had to check it out in person. He'd never heard of it. We did pass through this neighborhood after, and I showed him the area where this took place, which is the event he mentioned

Oh, and because I was driving we were listening to my iPod, which obviously the music is not as good as his, although he was singing along to Brittney and Cyndi. I had lots of rough songs like this one below that he hated- It wasn't as if he had to listen to it- I told him he could turn at anytime

That one also wasn't good.

This one was alright.

Go to the hotel and check in, then off to the Galleria for shopping. We encounter a huge galleria with everything. Go to Kohlls and get my watch, but pay more due to LA sales tax. We go to Nordstrum Rack and Nordstrum. We look for dinner on yelp since we were in a different neighborhood than anticipated. I wanted sushi or italian and italian was the winner. We find a place in Torrance and after a few late directions by him causing for late turns find the restaurant. At dinner we flirt and argue about his new phone being superior to mine - it's not- well- maybe- but I have to root for Apple. He talks about how he was never a Mac poster child and how I am so engrained in that and I wasted $1600 that could have funded 2 cruises to buy that computer. My computer is no better than his Dell, and his old Compac is still running like a champ. Oh, and I spend so much, and my computer is 3 years old, unlike him I can't buy a new computer every 2-3 years. And on top of that Apple is so restrictive to companies. LOL. I told him my computer is an investment- he had one liners like I use MICROSOFT Powerpoint on my MAC- obviously one is superior.

After dinner we want ice cream and find a Bazzkin Robbins. I get an awful brownie thing. I am not a Bazzkin fan. We watch Blades of Glory in the hotel, kiss, and then fool around before bed at 11:30.

We were up at 6 to take him to the airport, and I dropped him off at 7:00. I stopped for breakfast in LA for my parents on the way home at one of our favorite restaurants.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Too much going on for you to remember. Nice to see you sharing your shopping $s at places besides Target.

Bruce said...

Hey Mike. Have you been to the Sketches factory store off the 60 at the new distribution center in Moreno Valley? Was wondering if prices there were better than other places. Hope you're doing well, take care.


Mike said...

@ Bruce: I have not been to that factory store. I wasn't aware there was one, although I knew they had a distribution center. That might be a good place to try. I am surprised I haven't been to that one. Maybe you can check it out and tell me...

After this weekend I can recommend the one at Plaza Mexican in South Gate.