Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Movie Weekend

Weekend wrap up


- Mike was supposed to come in at 12am, but got his flight changed to avoid not being able to make it out of Chicago due to snow. He got his flight changed, but he flew into a different airport, so got a rental car for the weekend. We had a Camaro.

I am fast asleep when he gets in about 12:30 I think it was. I have been so stressed at work I think it is causing my back to hurt. It felt just like the growing pains I would get as a teenager. Maybe I'm growing? My lower back feels inflamed and I get a shocking tingling sensation when I move my lower back. I took an 800mg motrin and muscle relaxer, so I was out of it. He came in and I didn't hear the car pull in the garage. I remembOer kissing and babbling for a few moments before drifting off until 8:30


I laid in bed while he showered, then got up and ready for the day. We played around on our computers/iPads, then he asked where to go. I mentioned LA, the beach, or Palm Springs. We go to my city to pick up his package at FedEx, then go to LA. Initially he didn't want to go, but he drove that way. We go to Pershing Square, walk around that area, go to Grand Central Market, then stop for some belgian fries, then off on our walking tour to the toy and fashion district. We get back in the car and head toward Santa Monica. We look on yelp for a sushi boat, which the only one we found was a 3 star rated, and we wanted good sushi. We opted for the sushi place in the Colver City mall, then head toward Hollywood. We decided to go to El Capitán to see Beauty and the Beast. It actually looked pretty good in 3D, and it was nice to hear some of the fun songs that are so memorable from that. The organist was pretty cool too that played prior to the show. It seemed done in true Disney fashion. We head home after. We fall asleep on the couch around 9ish. I sleep past 12:30a.m. when there was a pizza guy at the door who had the wrong house. I had no idea this happened. He kept ringing and Mike finally got up to get it. I had no idea and joked with him the next morning I didn't hear it.


Up at 9:30. We slept on the couch all night. WOW. That was bad. We were both in pain. Mike's neck hurt and my back still hurt. We make our way to Mickey D's. We then head out to Palm Springs. We stop at Kohls, a thrift store, and then on to Banananana Republic in Palm Dessert. The PS Film Fest was going on, so we decided to go back home. We stopped at F&S for groceries, then off to his house for some pasta. We catch up on our housewives and relax.


We are up at 8:30 and spend the day relaxing on the couch. We go to see Joyful Noise, that gospel movie, ya know. We ate at Loosill's and Mike read the reviews about how all these churchgoing people thought it was so wholesome minus Dolly. We wondered if we should go- it was cute, but a bit churchy. We drop the rental car off and I drive his car over to the drop off place. We talk about the issues in the Camaro. We go back home and do some more TV watching. I eat some pasta and a slice of toast because I'm starved. Mike wasn't hungry. We were both horny, or I was, he determined, but we both ended up being, so jacked each other off, and made out.


He was up at 6 and I was up at 6:30. He found out his business trip was off, so he could relax. I shower and head off to work by 7. Had an ok, yet stressful day at work.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: You were in Hollywood -- I so want to try Pink's Hot Dogs -- have you been there before? What do you think of it?