Monday, February 20, 2012

She takes 15 minutes to get up - at least

My sister was setting her alarm to get up the other day while she was sitting on my parent's bed brushing her teeth. I noticed there must have been a dozen alarms all with the "on" button checked on her phone.

I know my sister has a history of not being able to wake up even with the assistance of her alarm.

Her alarm goes off at 6am every morning, yet my mom or dad wake her before they leave.

The morning after I saw she had all those alarms my dad was long gone before she woke up. I decided to see just how long it took for her to turn it off. She didn't even move, flench, or do anything when it sounded. After 7 minutes I was tired of it, turn the alarm off myself to the alarm tone, and it goes on for 22 minutes before my mom comes in to turn it off. She yells at my sister to get up. Sister moves. WTF? WAKE THE HELL UP.

My sister's such a dumb thing.

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Aek said...

Lol wow. She would NOT ever make it as a surgeon. Perhaps you should just turn her alarm off and not have it go back on, and let her miss her day . . .