Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where are your traffic reports?

I've blogged before KOLA 99.9 bothers me when they put their commercials before the traffic. I live by traffic reports in many cases. I have 3 different routes I can take home depending on traffic. I have stopped tuning in as frequently because I hate to wait for the commercials. KOLA is now like all the same IE stations, KFROG 95.1, and KGGI 99.1 who all put their traffic reports after the commercials. I find myself tuning into KBIG 104 and KOST 103.5 where I know I can find the traffic reports.

Speaking of 99.9, they also have gotten rid of Fran Wells in the morning. Dave Wylie is doing the traffic instead.

And KIIS FM has gotten rid of Commander Chuck who had been doing traffic on the station for nearly 30 years.

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