Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drinky drink drink drink

Get over to Mikey's about 3:30 and do some cleaning. He told me he'd be home about 6 and texted me that he was going to stop for food. There goes my plan of date night, but that was ok. He bought fish and made fish tacos. They were with an Asian flair, but weren't bad. They were good enough to also have some for lunch Saturday. We enjoyed margaritas and tacos and fell asleep on the couch about 8:45. We went to bed about 1.

We got up at 8 and he made a breakfast burrito with lots of cilantro, egg, cheese, and salsa. It was pretty good. He went to get a haircut and I relaxed at the house. He relaxed a little too much and we were late to dinner with our friends B & J. He had to shower and we had to get gas, and air up his tires. We were supposed to meet them at 4:30, but it was 5:30 before we were leaving, and 6 before we made it to the brewery. Jammed to the oldies on the way over... JLo oldies...

Drink 1 at brewery 1 was 9.2% alcohol, B and I were feeling pretty good and so of course we had to Facebook the photos. Back in the cold convertible and off to dinner at Lay-z-Dog, or we thought, but it ended up being a pub where we had fish and chips and tacos. We caught up in each other's lives. Told J about our travels and they told us about theirs. I told B about my man friend, which was hilarious. He got a kick out of it. B and I talk about wanting to go see this singer who was performing nearby, and how there was a groupon to go see her, and how we should have gone, but we each had a significant other who wasn't interested. My older musical tastes also came into the convo, which B also got a kick out of. We hit another brewery and I have 2 more 9%ers with B. By this time we were at the point where we could talk about politics and my boyfriend's views on education, which spurred a rough debate. In the end it wasn't so bad and thank goodness someone was there with the same position I had.

They invite us back to their place and we accept. We all get ready for bed. Mike made me move from the left side of the bed because I was touching and doing inappropriate things with my hand. It was funny. He used my entire name and "scolded" me.

We were up about 6:45, as were our friends. Yay early risers. Suddenly the touching was ok this morning and we both jacked off and cleaned up using some kleenex, and then showered. We go into the kitchen where we all have coffee and decide on where to go for breakfast. J decides on a horrid pancake house. He thought it was good, his partner did not, as I didn't. We all took out our phones and yelped 2/5 star reviews on yelp. Mine was almost inedible. I had some crepey thingy. We go back to their place and chat about getting together next time at our place. We also chatted about the alcohol. B was feeling the effects and I was ok- no hangover and no headache. I am glad.

We drive home and chat about lots of random stuff, which was fun. We stop by Target. We have some chicken salad that he whipped up as we were both famished. The salad was so-so. I fall asleep on the sleepy couch and wake up as he finishes packing for his trip. We both head out about 3 and I head home for dinner.


fan of casey said...

Mike: It can't be an activity summary without a visit to Target. You should think about buying stock in that company since you visit them so much.

Aek said...

Your week isn't complete without a trip to Target, lol. :-P