Monday, February 13, 2012

Someone Like You

I am singing that after the wonderful weekend with Mike. It wasn't anything extraordinary, we were pretty laxed. It was just nice being in each other's company.

Spent the evening at Mike's. We fell asleep on the couch about 5 and then woke up about 6, ate dinner, and back to bed about 8:30. We moved into the bedroom about 1:00a.m.

The day went ok at work. Mike had a lot of work in the evening and so he handled that, booked stuff, and I made some mushroom pasta sauce he had in the cupboard for dinner. I also baked a pumpkin pie because I didn't have cake. Cake. Cake. Cake.

I texted Mike when I had a second free in the afternoon and he said he wanted to take his car in. I meet him at his house after work, we have to jump the convertible, and then I follow him into the repair shop. I ask where to go and he tells me he needs to go to Home Depot to get grass fertilizer. I drive him there and then decide we will head a couple cities over to a new restaurant that opened. It was a mostly organic restaurant- the drinks were made from a bunch of flowers and natural nectars. I had what was the equivalent of a whiskey sour with some sort of flower and 2 egg whites in it. It was delicious. The food was not bad, but it was not great- it was a new restaurant and they definitely have time to improve. Mike was harsh on it. We had eggplant sliders, sweet potato tots, potato pancakes, and a warm spinach salad.
We go back to the house and hang around- but first stopped at WalMart and Ralphs. No falling asleep on the couch for me.

Woke up about 8 and got showered after laying in the bed watching news. Mike attempts to make these gluten free pancakes he found in the oven, but they were horrid like cornbread, so he uses some mix he had on hand and followed Ina Garten's oven pancake recipe. IT WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! The pancakes were like crepes, nice, fluffy, and airy. SO GOOD! We enjoy those, then play around on our computers. We head out about 2. We were on a drive somewhere- we didn't know where. We ended up in a sushi place in Monterey Park. We thought about going to Nordstrom Rack, but didn't. The sushi didn't agree with me at the restaurant. Sea urchin is NASTY. We drove around and stopped at a bakery for cookies and cake bites, sampled those, as we drove around the OC and LA. We were about to go to The Guy's BBQ, which I had been looking forward to, but I decided we needed to run home. I laid on the couch all evening. The sushi did not agree with me. We did venture out to my city for groceries because we were on a drive. We got lots of pasta. We also stopped at the Lincoln dealer in my city because we found an incredible lease on a great car for a great price, and someone was thinking about trading their lease in. He was really tempted to get it... but then we realized the car will be redesigned. It was on the way home from that that I read on facebook Whitney had died. EVERYONE posted it on facebook. I felt such a knot and drop in my stomach as I read that. I was surprised to say the least. We talked about that, her drug use, Bobbay, text Mike's best friend, and then equate this to Michael's passing where we will remember where we were when we heard it. I think we will hear nonstop Whitney in the future, much like Michael.I also think this will be as big as Michael's funeral. I also think Whitney will posthumously get a star on the Walk of Fame. Mike and I are betting. Is that bad? We head home and I crash...

Woke up at 7, showered, and played around on our computers until nearly 1. We go to the outdoor mall a few cities over and walk around. We wander into Penny's and find some $300 and $200 lamps on sale for $15 a piece. Mike gets them. We didn't think that was the price, but the girl overrode it and didn't question the tag that was on them. Woo! We head home and put them together. First we stop and get some fish since I was craving fish. I buy. We then go home, put the lamps up in the spare bed, then make our Grammy predictions. We both had pretty much the same picks, but I won a couple more. I guess a kiss was all I got out of it. It was good. We watch all of the Grammys, some Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Desperate Housewives. Bed about 11:30, but first we play around some, which was nice.

Up at 7 for him, 8 for me. I bragged I was seeing what sleeping in late while someone showered felt like. He had a coupel calls to handle. I was at my leisure, showered, and ran to CVS because my allergies were going haywire. He texted me telling me I left. I emailed him since he had just sent me an email saying I ran to CVS. I got back and he was still on the phone. I watch TV and he packs for his week away.

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