Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taxes Done

I did my taxes - on my own - using Turbo Tax. It was surprisingly easy and only took about an hour. I don't know that I received as much back as I expected or had hoped, but I like that I did it myself and feel reasonably confident I got as much back as I could. I've always been skeptical of my dad doing them. This is the first time I've ever received a refund from the state, which is awesome, a nice one, at that.

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fan of casey said...

Make sure you run thru the deduction finder checklist and took advantage of all the teaching-related deductions, student loans interest, and college related credits.

Also, file electronically to get your refunds faster. It's usually free for fed (included with Turbo Tax) and there's a small fee for state (although if you ask me, the state one should be free too because you are saving them so much manpower by doing it electronically).

Now that you are done, maybe you can help your parents file their returns?