Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plane Travels


Drove out to meet Mike and his coworker, M, who was in town. Both of them had been off traveling all week and they had a meeting in our area. I met at her hotel, and she was a well endowed gal, very friendly. She hugged, told me how excited she was to meet me. We talked and Mike drove to our favorite steakhouse to eat. We talk about all sorts of things, her kids, work, our relationship, and drank lots of wine. When Mike stepped away, she told me something that I knew, but to hear it from someone else felt good. She said that she had heard so much about me and whenever Mike talks about me it is with such pride, he has a look in his eyes, and he changes his tone. AAAAAAW. We go back to the hotel and drop her off, his coworker and I hug, and I head home. We get in about 10, watch some TV, and then bed.


Out of work as soon as I can to meet Mike. Get to his house, gather my stuff, but forget toothbrush and razor. We are off! Stop at Kohls. Off to airport. I park in the lot. We have an hour to kill, and of course I run into someone I know at the airport. Chat them and wait for Mike to drop off his rental. We grab drinks at Fridays.

On the plane to San Fran. Drive to SJose for dinner at Mike's favorite restaurant, a Thai place. It was delicious. We go to get ice cream after and then the hotel for the night and some bonding time.


Up early, pass Winchezzter House, off to San Fran. We visit the touristy things like Golden Gayte, Pier 39, Embarcadero, then off to Castro, and Mission District for mariscos in a Mexican restaurant. I get sick as we're walking back from dinner. I felt myself getting hot in the restaurant and Mike asked me if I was ok. I said I was. I felt ok. I wasn't. We went in a few stores, then I walked out as he was looking in the store and threw up all over the sidewalk several times. Whatever it was was not pleasant. Mike looks and laughs, asks me if I was ok, and we duck in a CVS for water. I feel better as the night goes on and am able to hold in ice cream later in the night. Of course I'm teased the rest of the night and weekend about it - all in good fun. Grr. LOL.

Song of the weekend above


Bay Bridge, Occupy, and city of Oaklend. Then off to Frisco to Chinatown, a few museums, and few other things. Watch Super Bowl, then head to 1/2Moon Bay to see what there was to see, discuss Mike's parents trip coming up, and planned that. Then we head to Nordstrom and airport finally. Drive home and sleep.


Long day at work, but it was ok. Meet Mike and plan his parent's visit in detail. I whip up pasta for dinner and fall asleep on the couch about 8 after watching Housewives.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: So what is your BF's visit for? Are they going to meet your parents?