Monday, August 27, 2012

Rough Week

Tuesday of Last Week -
Went home to visit the family and get shots. Not a bad evening - I know Mike was a little disappointed I didn't come home.

Wednesday -
Mike texted me he was getting in at midnight and back at midnight. He walked in around 11:30 or so and I was long gone - fell asleep a while before he arrived. I was tired.

Thursday -
Up early, made some small talk with him, and he got up too, to give me a hat he bought me the previous weekend. We made plans to meet up for dinner. After work I left as quickly as I could to drive down to the south OC to meet him and his coworker, M, whom I'd met before. She was so excited to see me, as I was excited to see her too. Mike suggested we go to the beach for dinner, and head that way. Hit some traffic. Talk about my day. I had a girl get her period for the first time ever in my class the other day if that gives you an indication of the day that I had. 3 glasses of wine and mussels and other seafood. It was nice to chat, flirt, and make fun of Mike/him make fun of me. We talked about work, college, her kids, California, and more. After dinner we put our arms around each other and headed to get dessert. I got fudge and when Mike saw a toy that was appropriate for me, told her I needed it, and she bought it for me. I thanked her. We get dropped off at her hotel, back at my car, at about 8:30. We tell Mike we still could use a night out, but he was tired, and in pain after his rib. We drop his rental car off and head home, chatting about random stuff.

Work was long, got out, and we hung out at home. Talked to The Guy about trying to make plans this week, but his health scare has prevented him, and his boyfriend was getting his wisdom teeth out. We made fish and veggies for dinner, and rice, since Mike was napping when I arrived. We did go out for dessert, and we had some treat - I forget what. We go to bed about 10.

Mike is up at 6 and I sleep in until 9. We shower and then get dressed. We go to the pet stores in his city, the next one over, and then we go to the shelter in RC. We go to the shelter by his house and a few more. We go home and look at kitties. Pizza for dinner.

We get up, go to breakfast at McD's by his house, which was so slow and disappointing. We head to the pet stores this time looking for litter and food, but it was all so expensive. We decide to go to another shelter and end up at one with a beautiful 7 week old siamese kitty. Mike said it was mine and we went to WalMart for some prepping things like a crate and food and bowls. We talk about the kitty and the plans all evening long while I lesson plan. We go to bed about 9 after I pick out my clothes and he packed for his trip. Talked about my concerns of bringing the kitty home alone.

Long day at work. Kids are out of control. Admin is not in control. My kids are good. Long day. Drama over a few activities at work. Out of work, call my mom, and it turns out my sister's dog died today, which crushed me. The dog was at the gate this morning and my dad had to convince her to go and lay up on the grass, then my sister was getting ready to go to school when she again refused to move from the fence. When my dad got home from work he took the dog to the vet since she seemed off, and she had a stroke and died on the way. I'm crushed. We've had the dogs 11 or 12 years and both are/were very active. Both are sisters who can't be separated. When they were being spayed they had to be in the same crate because they couldn't stand being alone-despite being in pens next to each other. My dog knows something is up and is super lonely - I know it is only a matter of time for her. I thought my dog would die first given the number of health issues. Oh well, had to persist and get to the vet. I was not looking forward to it, but the kitty put a smile on my face. Got its nails trimmed, took it home and played with it in the office. It has been a bittersweet evening.

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Aek said...

Wow, lots of things happening your week. Sorry to hear about your sister's dog. That must be rough. :-(