Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Away.... wheeee!!!!


BF made it back after travel delays that prevented him from coming Thursday. I had an ok day at work. I was exhausted, especially since the heat is taking everything out of me. Again 90 degrees in my room. I came home and took a nap while my BF played on the computer. I woke up about 5:30-6, then we headed out to dinner somewhere - can't remember where. We came home after dinner and I went to bed about 9:30. My BF stayed up. 


Woke up at 8:30 and showered. We plotted out our day, then packed. We drove down to DellMar in SDiego. We used the rental car he had, which was nice, a top of the line Taurus. We discover it isn't very cool down there - 88 and humid didn't beat the 110 and humid in Mike's mind. I was fine with it. We walked to Banana Republic and found a crepe place after where we sat and enjoyed a bottle of white wine and savory/dessert crepes. We go back to the hotel and our room is finally ready - we were in a deluxe hotel that was hundreds of dollars a night, but nothing out of the ordinary from a typical hotel room. Mike was disappointed and fired off some emails at the manager. We were also not treated very well at check in. We rested up and then changed for a night out. We ended up at an expensive $20 per plate sushi, and only 3-4 rolls on a plate. We just had some beer and 2 rolls there. We walked back to the hotel so we could sit looking at the beach. We ordered a bottle of wine and sat flirting talking about his need for animals/buying a rental/vacation home. I told him more about my parents not seeming to have it 100% that I'm moving out. We go back to the hotel about 10 and lay down to relax. I get bad heartburn and sleep upright most fo the night. Boo. 


Up about 8, went to breakfast at an outdoor place where I had eggs benedict. Another expensive meal. We calculated we spent about $200 just on food alone this weekend. We go back to the hotel, pack, and then head to a pet adoption event where the dog he wanted wasn't. We get in the car and drive through the desert to Pallm Springs - opposite direction. We wanted to see what clearance was going on at our favorite stores. We go through the crazy thunderstorms along the way on these mountainous and easily floodable roads. We stop at the fish bar we like, not where we get fish tacos, but the other place. Had a vodka and tonic, which was good, and a few other appetizers. It was fun to go there again - it'd been maybe a year since we were there. Back home I lesson plan and we head to bed about 9:30 when he is done packing. The TV is on for maybe 5 minutes, but we're all over each other, making out, and then you get the idea... 


He left for a business trip. Hot again at work. Feeling bitchy today and tired. It's a Monday.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Reality won't sink in with your parents until you are out the door, living elsewhere.