Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Working hard and playing hard with my sister

Just a quick update - super busy week. Spent the entire week with my BF at his house because honestly, I was too tired at the end of each night to drive back home.

School started over a week ago, and the 2nd night of school and 3rd night of school we had back to school night. Idiots disguised it and called the first a parent night - parents went to 1 set of classes 1 night and another set another night. We had several parents come, but 2 nights in a row was killer. I had already worked 2 other nights until nearly 9pm at school with my coworker Tagalong. Working until 9 every night was a killer.

My kids this year are surprisingly well behaved. I'm teaching mostly 6th graders. No complaints yet. Hopefully this keeps up, and I'll have a fantastic year. I'm getting jazzed walking in everyday actually being able to teach.

Well, after working 4 nights from 7am-9pm I told my coworker, Tagalong, that we needed to go to happy hour- partly so she could meet Mike. We go to a Mexican restaurant at the far end of town and run into about half the staff from our school, some other teachers from other schools that she knew, and one of our "favorite" student's dads. Of course this was after 3 drinks, but the dad was cool, and he was supportive of us, and agreed after putting up with his son we needed a drink or 3. Mike and Tagalong talked about education and her life, lots of little things, and they came out really good friends. He kept telling me how much he likes her during our time. We left about 9pm when she had to go home to her hubby and kids. She told her hubby and he knows that I am the wild child, and Mike is her brother in law. She calls me her brother. I call her Sissy now. She wrote us on Saturday telling us how much she loves us and can't wait to do it again, and I know we're going to need it.

Oh, and it was 95 degrees in my room today. Damn AC broke. It is 110 outside.

So the weekend was pretty chill, we went to Target and a few other places, to breakfast one morning and sat and talked.

So I'm home for the first time in a week to say hello to the family, but unfortunately I won't get to see my BF until Thursday.

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