Monday, August 20, 2012

Broke my boyfriend

Busy weekend... here's how it went down

Got out of work at 7 on Friday night. No bueno. Principal and admin have a new field trip policy that left my coworker, Sissy and I scrambling. Mike was a little ticked I was home late. He hadn't even packed! We went to Olive Garden where we had some pasta and really bad service. The neverending pasta bowl was good. Our main course came when we finally got our wine. We get out about 9:30 and head to the movies. We saw the Meryl Streep movie, "Hope..." whatever the title was. It was cute. That was a true Meryl Streep classy porn movie... hahaha... that's what we characterized it as. The movie was over at 12. Walking out I was harassing Mike over something and he was harassing me over something, then he thought he should kick me in the ass, so I thought I should trip him. As I tripped him he leans over and goes falling in the pavement. I catch him before he goes down. I felt horrible and told him that. Dropped him at the airport. He told me as I was driving home via text he thought he broke a rib. I told him I hoped he didn't, and sent well wishes. I was really worried about him and didn't want to drop him off at the airport feeling like that.

I stayed in bed until 11- My BF did call me about 10 as he was driving to his parent's house and that was nice. He was in pain, though from the night before. I was still in bed. I slept all night, and I hadn't done that in weeks- probably a month. I was so nice and refreshed. I got up and went to Target and the outlet mall. Apparently a student of mine saw me there. Didn't see much. Went to the other mall up the street, the outdoor one, and then headed to LA to visit Sissy. She was in LA and thought we should meet in LA to do some work, so crazy me drove to LA to meet her. We worked until about 7 or 8 and then she figured she should head over to see her family, so I get ready to go. She had an idea that we should sweeten the principal up, and took a trip to Sprinkles for cupcakes. I texted blog reader Bruce to see if he was in WEHO, since I figured I was in the area, and sure enough he was. Made plans to meet and hung out at Micky's with a friend of his. It was good catching up. It was crazy to see 2 kids I went to high school with in the bar, Sean O, and Steven. Sean was a year older, but he sat off my gaydar in HS, and whenever we see each other we kind of stare each other down and then pretend the other doesn't exist. I was getting pretty worked up with the go-go dancers and the flesh they were showing. We left about 12:30 or so. Head to my car and head home. Had to stop to get gas in Pomona... GRRR. Home about 2:30 and bed about 3. Did I mention stopping to get gas is my least favorite chore? It isn't even just paying for the gas - it is the time, having to touch that icky pump, and the weird people around.

Mike shot me a text early in the morning to talk about how he was in pain, like a workout pain, in his chest. He said he would go to the doctor if it still persists later this week when he gets home. I spent the day vacuuming, dusting, went to the store for stuff for dinner, made dinner, and lesson planned. Busy and productive. Spent some time with my NJ wives.

Up for a long day at school - it was pretty good.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: You know the store policy, if you break it, you bought it. Please mend your BF when he returns.