Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What are you reading?

Joey, over at Whose Life answered that question, and he had me intrigued with some gay oriented fiction books that he had read. What are some good reads right now? I tend to like realistic fiction and biographies, so read his post with great interest.

I finally finished reading Pride and Prejudice, my first big kids' book in a while, so I was proud, but was looking for something more to read.

Based on Joey's recommendation I downloaded The God Box by Alex Sanchez, as well as Desert Sons by Mark Kendrick, and the sequel to that Into This World We Are Thrown.

Are there any other good LGBT realistic fiction books to read, or any good biographies out there? My last biography I read was "Yo," or "Me," de Ricky Martín.


B. said...

I also read "Me" by Ricky Martin... Also, I heard about one book I have it on my PC Kindle, it's called "Hero" written by Perry Moore

fan of casey said...

Mike: Nothing that interesting, mainly technical accounting books (how boring is that!) but I do want to get this when it comes out in October:

Our Time: Breaking the Silence of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" edited by Josh Seefried

Bruce said...

Mike, I've recently gotten into gay erotic fiction, who knew there was even such a catagory?? I really enjoyed "Hot Head" by Damon Suede. It had great character development and a great story and the erotic parts were pretty good too!! I use the Kindle app on the iPad to read my books. I like it better than the Apple book app and prefer to buy my books from Amazon.

Mike said...

@ B: I'll have to check that one out.
@ Bruce: Gay erotic fiction sounds hot! I will have to check that one out too. I do think that sounds right up my alley. I actually have a cousin, the lesbian in Oklahoma, whom writes straight/lesbian erotic fiction/sci fi erotica. I think she has a story coming out about 2 gay guys soon, something erotic. I like my Kindle app a lot too.