Monday, April 30, 2012

3 1/2 weeks

3 1/2 weeks until the end of school. I cannot wait. I am so frustrated with 2 of my classes. I am frustrated with the general behavior of the kids. I'm tired of the kids saying "suck my dick," because no, I don't want to, you need to shut your damn mouth, oh, and if you're a girl, I hope you don't have a dick. I'm tired of immaturity. I'm tired of dumb questions. I'm tired of calling parents.


Anonymous said...

Are you out at work?. I'm sorry to tell you this, but kids are cruel. I agree this generation is annoying. I dream of triping them. However I don't look good in jail house orange.

Did you get a new job? I swear I thought you got fired.

Best of luck.

Mike said...

I'm out to some of the teachers. I know kids are cruel. It isn't the kids being mean to me- just their lack of disrespect for everything. I just chalk it up and tomorrow is another day. I didn't get fired- only pinkslipped- a precaution they may not need my services next year.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay. I'm sorry I miss read that. When a student said,"suck my cock". I just thought he knew. That is why I wondered if you were out to the classes you teach. I had a gay teacherown high school an once he came out, the sexual jokes never stopped. He transferred at the semester.

I'm sorry about the pink slipping. It must suck to have your life up in the air, I know that would drive me crazy. I have totally enjoyed your blog. Thanks!

Nicholas said...

Hang in there, man. Only a little longer, ok?

fan of casey said...

So is this that much different from your student teaching days? Are kids just more vocal as they get up there in age? I suspect they carry this "know it all" attitude when in actuality they know very little about getting along with others. It's that detached generation of kids growing up in a virtual world.