Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Passiveness a year later?

Facebook messenger pops up with a message from Mr. Keith. I found it really weird that he messaged me, as I thought telling him off back in September was enough. I ignored his messaged and kept typing away fooling around online. All of a sudden a wave of messages came in...

Keith: Hi Mike!

Keith: What's new with you?

Keith: What are you up to right now?

Keith: Still the popular teacher?

Keith: Making dinner?

Keith: I am just popping in to say hey.

Keith: Are you there?

Keith: You still upset at me for not thanking you for taking care of my house? You're foolish mister. You know what I remembered? You never said thanked me to take you to a political party or football game. You are full of he/she said. I'm starting over and forgetting all the silliness. I don't have time for you. Life is too short to sweat the small things. How are you? Hello to you!!!!

Keith: Now we can be friendly.

Keith: How are you?

Keith: I am now working from home.

Keith: Have a bf for the past 10 months.

Keith: How are you?

Keith: Hello! Keith calls 5 minutes after all these messages. Desperate much?


SCalRF said...

Wow. This guy seems like kind of a creep. Where do you know him from, I remember reading entries about him but I'm not sure when he first appeared.

fan of casey said...

It's funny if he thinks peskering you is going to make things right or get you to react. He seems to need to be the center of attention. It's quite sad.

Anonymous said...

He wants you to house sit again.

Nicholas said...

Let it never be said you weren't popular. ;)

Aek said...

That's an oddly creepy exchange . . .