Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I --> We

Monday Night
Spent the evening with Mike, we made dinner together. Was at school together very late due to photocopier issues.

Family time at TGI FRidays with my parents.

Spent the night at Mike's

At work early and late due to photocopier issues and a parent meeting

We decided to go to Daynuh Point for the night, packed a bag, and drove out. Told about all of the drama at work, our ice cream get together after work in the pouring rain with admin, which was nice. Went to my bf's favorite restaurant there and enjoyed drinks on the water. Soooo romantic. Awkward gay couple next to us meeting the parents- we didn't get it.

Up around 9:30, head to McDonalds for breakfast where I get an iced coffee as opposed to soda- much to my boyfriend's approval- but he seemed to retract his statement after I found this. Go to the Spectrum, South Coast Plaza, Maggeanos, and I-kia for wine racks. Texted our friends J and B, as well as The Guy, and his boyfriend about getting together. All were busy. We go to the Gardens for Cheezecake Factoree,but it was super crowded, so we go to the fish restaurant and eat. Go to grocery store after for lots of veggies and cookies, then to another for wine. Good times. We also get my liquor. Go home to have my liquor and watch something on Netflix. Camp on the couch since the sheets weren't done.

Up around 8, watch a few morbid shows about sinking ships and airliners. Then we go out in the yard. He mows and I weed whack. Weed whack the backyard since he finally gave me the chance. It looked sooooooooooo good. It was tiring. Then we dig holes in the yard since we finally decided how we will fix up the backyard. Home Depot for plants, Wallyworld for plants, then home to plant. Yardwork to 90s country- the good stuff- Mike put it on- and he said he actually liked it. WOOHOO!!! I noticed in a couple of the conversations the "I" statements became "we" statements, like "we won't be in this house then," hinting at our long future together. I make an eggplant concoction he found for dinner, which was tasty, and we eat/talk. Bed about 11.

Love me some Wynonna!

Off to work, then to my layoff hearing. 9 hours of boring. Head home to my BF and tell him about my day. Off to Awlive Garden for a politically charged discussion that had us at each other's necks, but we came to an understanding. We get home and watch 2 TV shows while I'm laying on his legs on the couch. I go to bed about 10 as he had to stay up for work.

Home now

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