Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Music Weekend

Spent the evening at my guy's, even though he wasn't home.

Had to head home before I headed to Mike's. He had a meeting he was coming home from and I had a video I needed to pick up at home. We chat, then confirm plans. I get to his place about 5, we spend time napping, then I tell him I'm hungry about 7:30. We run into the neighbor across the street, chat with her and the kids, then take his rental car home, and stop at El Toreeto for some munchies. Head back to his place where he gets to work...

EXHAUSTING DAY AT WORK. I come home pissed off at the world. After I calm down we head out about 4:30 to meet my friend Gonzo at 5:15. We go to her favorite burger place in my city. Finally introduced my boyfriend to her. We go to the park in downtown, then a coffee shop, Home Deepo, and finally home.

Spent the morning relaxing, then headed out to see what there was to see. Go to sushi place near The Guy's house, then kill time at the mall, and a few other places before going to karaoke with my coworker, E. She was a blast. Her husband was great too. We can't wait to invite them over for dinner... We were out until 12:00a.m... wow! Yay! Must do again!

Mike ran to get a haircut, but couldn't, so he did some shopping. I vacuumed and when he got home made breakfast. Cruised the 66 to El Lay blasting my "old twangy" stuff instead of the crossover, fun stuff. Stopped at a brewery for lunch and watering. Went to Skechers and found a new gem in West LA for Italian. We enjoyed some wine and lasagna and bruschetta and tiramisu. Dropped him off at the hotel before coming home. Hit lots of traffic. KFROG pissed me off on the way home too, in addition to the traffic. They were at Toby keith's new place and I stopped by to try to win tickets, given this is 10:30 on a Sunday night, and well, they were inside the bar, there was a cover charge, and for being there for a few minutes, and no guarantee of getting them, I was unable to win a pair of Stagecoach tickets. I'm boycotting KFROG for the time being until I get over my hurt. Stagecoach tickets would have made my month. I need it. Work is stressful. I'm on my last nerves...

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