Sunday, April 1, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Strategy - videopoker bar

Monday Night
- He texted me that he wanted me to come over, so I did. I had already eaten. They were just eating/snacking when I got there
- Bed

- Hung out with him most of the day while he worked, his parents went shopping, and I did leave for about 2 hours to car shop with my cousin, spend the night at home since I had shots that night

- Back at his house about 11, watched vacation photos, then headed off to Las Vegas with his parents. Stayed next to Imp. Palace. Talked a lot with his parents about school, music and sights we were passing.
- Went to the TK I <3 This Bar
- $25 for 2 drinks at TOby's was a major ripoff, met his parents there while they put luggage in their room - our room wasn't done
- Wait in line and got a room, then head out for drinks. Park at a video poker bar at the Irish hotel and began drinking our gin and tonics, have a few more at another bar. Lost about $40
- Tipsy and ready for dinner, ate at Venetian, drank some good wine with his mom and him
- Did some shopping and more drinking before going and doing more gambling and drinking

- Woke up about 9:30, showered, and was off. I went to all of the Banana Repub's on the strip. Had a potato at Wendy's for breakfast. Headed back to hotel to get heartburn meds and met Mike, then off for more shopping at Planet Hollywood. Bought some jeans at GAP. Back to another BR to get Mike a pair of jeans since he kept saying he wanted something. After he was done with work we went to an oyster bar for drinks, then a sushi bar for drinks. I dropped my sunglasses from 4th story of a mall at Casear's - very embarrassing- and I heard about it through the trip. Damn $100 sunglasses. Sushi bar for more drinks- lots of being made fun of- Mike's best friend called. Lots of making fun of my country music. Mike had no love for this voice.

Went to casino to play more and drink. Met his parents about 7 for dinner. Went to steakhouse at our casino. Met my coworker, E, in the piano bar with her hubby and friends. Mike's parents joined us and paid for the drinks. Lots of interesting stuff to see... Left and went out to gamble.

- Up and off for the day. Checked out of hotel around 11. Met his parents in lobby, then in car, we take them to the airport. Hug and say goodbye. Head to another casino apart of the one we have comps at and played for a few hours. He had a few work calls to make. I made $350.00 back on a machine after dropping probably $300 in Vegas. WOO. NEVER HAD I IMAGINED I COULD DO THAT. TOTALLY CHANCE. Head to a coffeeshop so Mike could make another call, I look at cruises on my iPad. Drive back about 5pm, stop at state line to laugh at the lottery line- 6 hours to get a lotto ticket - really? Home about 9, make fun of all the people stuck in Vegas traffic, then off to take car to airport. In my car Mike heard the following "oldies" that got a head shake of displeasure, all songs that had great meaning from my childhood

A day of Tivo, a visit to Target, made some chili for dinner. It could have been better. Trip to Kohls for a pick.

Day of booking vacations. Home now as I forgot my work keys at home. Grrr.

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