Sunday, April 8, 2012

Extended family meet

Tuesday - Shots and gym

Wednesday - My bf had a meeting at his company's headquarters, so was gone, but I spent the evening at his place. I cooked a meal- tried fake beef, went to WalMart, and lesson planned.

Thursday - After a long layoff meeting I ended up at his house. Lots of bitching about our days.

Friday - Went to see Titanic. It was only showing at 7 at all theaters so we went to one where we could have dinner close by. It happened to be the Italian restaurant. I got my cinnamon whiskey and coke, and was happy. Mike wasn't happy with his drink. The service from most of the bartenders was bad. Had a pretty bad meat pizza. The movie was pretty good. We sat in the 3rd row of a packed theater. Lots of "crying." After we head home and fall asleep on the couch watching TV. I insisted about 12a.m. we work our way to the bed. He was resisting. I won in the end.

Saturday- a protein breakfast for a nice hike. We ran into a snake on the hike. EEEEK. He tried to scare me with other random snakes. I nearly walked on the snake as we were walking. After the hike we went back and he made burgers for lunch for us. About 4p.m. we ventured out and went for a drive on the other side of the tracks, then down to the city south of me. We were going to the mall that was mostly closed- it is too high end for the area and few stores remain. We did stop in at a restaurant and had some calamari and gin/tonic. We discussed our upcoming vacation and what we both discovered while searching on our computers earlier in the day.

Sunday - EASTER!
It was an Easter like no other- it didn't really seem like it was Easter, but it was relaxing. Watched News, Chopped, and had a protein breakfast. Found maps and travel guides for our vacation. I have yet to print anything off - Mike was after me for making sure I had all the details and every minute detail planned.
We got ready about 1 and headed to my aunt's house about that time. We got there super early- my cousin said she was going to be there at that time and wasn't. We drove around the block several times killing time. We finally go in and mingle with everyone. I introduce Mike casually and help my uncle to bring things in. Chat with my uncle more than I probably ever have. My parents showed up a few minutes later. Lots of talking and catching up with everyone. Everyone seemed to like Mike and we chatted about random stuff, tried some brandy cake, and made jokes about that and how bad it was. We left about 7pm. As we were leaving my aunt who was hosting whispered in my ear she was so happy I found someone. That blew me away. WOW. It felt good. I dropped Mike off at home and came to see my parents since mi madre wanted to give me my Easter basket. Home now and planning out my week...

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Wow! You still get an Easter basket? What was in it? Eggs, shoes, and sunglasses? :-)