Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Father's Day

And I came home to visit. My dad has been laying on the couch all day sleeping as he had a late night out at a ball game. How boring. He already saw the gift I got for him in the garage under a tarp, so I was disappointed and it was anticlimactic giving it to him. He was like "oh, thanks."

So here's some of the scary stuff my dad sings constantly. Like where in the hell did he ever learn these 2 songs? Where did he come from?

Update: Me asking a question became a disagreement because I guess he didn't like the question - what time was he going to want dinner, so he went to get Jack in the Box for the family instead. Guess we're having a late dinner. He's been asleep on the couch all afternoon.

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fan of casey said...

Wow! Must have been a big present if you had to hide it under a tarp.