Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Airport Shuttle

Haven't blogged much about my BF and I, but we are doing well.

He ventured off Monday morning for a long week in his home state. I spent a good deal of time at his house mowing, pruning bushes, and stuff like that. He got back Saturday night. I picked him up at the airport. We tried to do dinner with our friends J&B, but it didn't happen. Instead we drove over to South Coast Plaza to try to go to an italian place there, but it was a 75 minute wait. We drove back our way, stopped at Olive Garden for some nom.

I left last night, Father's Day, around 5pm to go see my BF again and take him to the airport. It was our weekend getaway. We had a blast exploring Downtown LB. Saw lots of interesting people and stores. Tried an awful mediterranean/Lebanese place. I love me some tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, or hummus, but this stuff was smokey and had hardly any flavor. This was a highly rated place on yelp with an incompetent hostess who we saw doing anything and everything in the restaurant from sweeping it, to wiping tables and setting them, to dropping off checks and swiping ATM cards. She was so disorganized and all over - had she not been doing all that we may have been sat 20 minutes earlier.

After a disappointing dinner we ventured into the LB to visit downtown for Pinkberry - unfortunately it was 10 and they were just closing. We found an In-N-Out for milkshakes and went to the hotel where we watched TV and played around. I really enjoyed feeling his body next to me. I slept really well. I was up at 5 to take him to the airport, then back to the hotel to get caught up on the morning news shows, then took off about 8 for breakfast, a look at Bellmont Shores, and other neighborhoods in LB.

This is his busy season and he will be traveling a lot over the next several weeks, so soon we will have some time to ourselves. We have dinners planned this weekend with friends. Woo!

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fan of casey said...

Mike: You are quite the handyman/gardener around the house. When do you finally move in?