Saturday, June 23, 2012

Useless random babble

I think I need an iPod touch to go next to my bed so I can stream pandora radio. I often fall asleep listening to the radio or TV.

I just recently learned how to use the sleep function on the TV.

I can fall asleep without those vices, but there are nights my mind wanders.

I want to go line dancing.

I need new t-shirts. I buy tons every year only to dislike them after wearing them a couple times.

Tshirts just seem to wear out.

I went to Nordstrom Rack the other day and found several 7 Diamonds shirts I wanted for only $34 (regular $75-100), but they were all smalls.

I went to the Rack closest to my house - 30 miles close - and they had none. Pobrecito.

My dad thinks I should hyphenate my last name. I've always gone by my last name, as my mom, and sister. He says given my interest in Spanish culture I should do it. I already think I have the coolest last name, so that would be really uncool doing that. FYI in Spanish culture it is the father's last name + the mother's last name.

I had a convo with my bf about last names the other day and he said it would have to be his last name and then mine because of the flow. He wasn't too keen on my last name though, but it is awesome sauce, so I don't know what he's talking about.

I loathe hot weather.

I am so grateful I have an awesome car dealer who did some "warranty work" for me on my car even though it is out of warranty.

TV Land seems to be putting jingles on all their shows, and while they're harsh, I like the thought.

Oh, and I love the new ABC 7 Eyewitness News iPhone alarm app. Alysha, Garth, Phillip, and Leslie are waking me up every morning.


Aek said...

I've always told my friend she should marry someone with the last name Crantz so she can hyphenate her name to Rosen-Crantz. :-P

fan of casey said...

You have to save your last name to hyphenate with the BF when you get married (or civil unioned). It's already going to be confusing since you both go by "Mike" as first names. You'll be Mike Name-Name and he'll be Mike Name-Name.