Friday, June 29, 2012

A sister story - Her warped elementary memories

... because it has been months since we've heard about her.

We were at dinner the other night, and somehow the conversation turned to elementary school. She and I had the same 2/3 teacher. We had the same teacher 2 years in a row. We had the same experience - she liked this teacher up until middle school, then it seems like we had 2 different teachers. I like the lady. My sister despises her. She was the GATE teacher, gifted and talented education teacher. She came into the picture and suddenly my sister brings up how this woman hated her, sister hated her back, told my sister she would never be sucessful; and I know that's not the case. I remember she made a prediction my sister would be a writer when we were in elementary school because my sister would always brag about it.

A few minutes later my sister tried to tell me that I was not as smart as her because I was not in the GATE class. I reminded her this teacher was the GATE teacher. My sister then said I obviously didn't sign up. I told her no, I didn't sign up, would I sign up to do that? No, my parents signed me up. My sister told me it was obvious I was not a true GATE student. I told her I was in the class. I was successful. She told me her class was obviously taught at a different level, and that she was smarter. She said that because I wasn't gate I didn't know big words like her, that's why I like fashion, gossip, and entertainment. I would have been more successful had I been in GATE in elementary. I did stand up for myself at that point.

She then began about her other elementary teacher, her 4/5 teacher. This was full of lies and was her sensationalized school experience that suddenly has come to fruition. She said that this other class was so advanced they had half the day to goof off and would play poker and the teacher would read Harry Potter to them. Did my sister ever mention anything about that when she was in this class? No. Would my parents have ever stood for that? No. It was always MATH in the afternoon, science experiments, art, and social studies. Oh, and best of all, this teacher read through Harry Potter Book 6 with them. And of course since we were checking my sister's memories I had to google to see if her memories were accurate. Book 6 was released in 2005 when she a freshmen in high school or 8th grader; one of the two.

I was just floored by this. I was kind of pissed off because these were blatant lies. Why talk about this faux world that you've created?


Aek said...

You know, I beginning to think your sister has a Cluster B personality disorder. Probably either borderline or narcissistic personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

is this facebook ?

fan of casey said...

Mike: As I said in another comment, your sis is delusional. She is self absorbed and lacking self esteem -- notice how she seems to almost always have to tear you down so her "accomplishments" look grander by comparison.

Who the hell cares what happened in 2nd/3rd grade? If she is basing her achievements back in grade school, tell her she peaked way too early in life and it's been downhill ever since.

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