Monday, November 14, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Well, I do have my "you," so I'm quite content and happy, but what do I get him is the question?

I am about to start my holiday shopping as all the stores have their holiday decorations out and I want to get in the mood.

Some thoughts include a watch, some nice speakers for the bedroom for iPods, concert tickets, and a few other things.

What is a good gift? I'm thinking $250 and under...

I am also thinking 1 big gift and a couple small ones like when we are in NY together to make things special.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Now that you are in a relationship, I'd go for multiple items, one thing personal and then some things practical. But not socks. Sexy underwear? Maybe something travel related since he has to fly so much.

Mind Of Mine said...

A coupon book with vouchers for an hour of Mikey love.