Sunday, November 13, 2011

He is the one who has to work during the weekend...


I had every intention of going home after work, but Mike was back home and said he would see me shortly. We went to Chilis for a margarita and a sangria swirl that was pretty intense. We go to Sams Club for a few bath and beauty products. After dinner we head to his place for some Top Chef and other shows. We both fall asleep on the couch and I text my parents I won't make it home. Mike did find me some clothes in his closet i could borrow for Thursday. We wake up at 2:30am and make our way to bed.


Up early and off to work. Got off work and headed out ASAP along with my partner teachers. I call Mike and leave a message, then head to meet my mom, Linda, and several other teachers I used to work with for dinner. Done with dinner about 6:30pm and head home to get clothes at home. Get clothes and back to Mike's about 8:30. Traffic was a mess. We both fall asleep on the couch and head to bed about 11.


My bf was up at 7, but he encouraged me to sleep in. He showered, drew the curtains on the room for me, and closed the door while he handled a business call. I got up at 9 and showered. At 9:30 he sent me a text saying that he wanted to go to Panera, but my phone was in the bedroom and I missed it. I ate a slice of toast, but agreed we would go to breakfast when he came out. We spend about 2 1/2 hours at Panera. Lunch crowd comes and it is BUSY. We stop at Petsmart and drive to the one in the next city over looking for animals for adoption day, then go to the house and he continues to work away. About 5 we head to the steakhouse we enjoy for dinner. I had some gurdwenheiser or some other German wine, along with Pino Grigio, and we chit chat about NY, my sister, and my coworkers. We go to Sears Grand after, then Ralphs for wine and ingredients for taquitos, then home.


My bf gets up at 8, and at 8 I am in a deep sleep. I wake up at 8:30 or so and the covers are over my head, which he makes fun of me for. He had made coffee and then made us eggs and toast. He encourages me to try his coffee, which he made in a French press. I make it "like hot chocolate" and it tastes pretty good (I put lots of sugar). Then he goes to shower. He mentioned cleaning up the house, so I took out the vacuum during this time and vacuumed/cleaned around the edges of each room/vacuumed the furniture. I was in the kitchen when he was done with his shower and he let me continue. He mopped the floor and did some laundry, as well as took out the Christmas tree because I joked it was too early. I shower. We go to Petsmart to look at more animals. We decide to go to Ikea for wine racks and I mention the Lyme Food Truck was at a church in a city we would be passing through, so we stop at this church, which I had also seen a concert at a few years ago, and tell him about this big fundamentalist place. LOL. The Lyme Truck's prices were ridiculous. We had a tuna nachos for $10.50. It wasn't that great... we expected something big and great for that price. We head to Ikea and walk around there, find the wine racks, and a table for the Christmas tree. We stop at Cari's italian, which was nasty. While there I learn a kid I went to elementary-high school with died in a car accident Friday night. I got a text from my sister. I tell him about the kid- I hadn't spoken to the kid since probably 7th grade. We head home and finish putting up the Christmas tree, I make vegetarian taquitos, which turned out pretty good. Good guac helped. We sit in the dark with the Christmas tree light and eat. It was romantic. We go to WalMart after dinner to look and get a few odds and ends like a strainer for the sink. I drove. We head home and watch the Jason Bateman switching places movie, The Change Up, which was pretty predictable, but Jason and Ryan totally did it for me. It is about 10:30 when it is done, King of Queens comes on, it is a repeat, then we go to bed about 11. We brush our teeth, then Mike takes me in his arms as we are laying in bed, we jack each other off, then I fuck him, and we clean up. We both fall asleep.


We are up at 7- and I'm tired. I move about 7:40 when he is done showering. I shower after and then we go to Panera. He forgot his charger to do some work there, so we ended up back here at his place rather quickly. Going pretty well, though.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Christmas tree up already? I guess it will put you both in the holiday spirit.