Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And I'm back... and similarities

Went over to Mike's because I needed to be at work super early since I had a sub Wednesday and had to get my room back in order. I went back to chaos- a bad last period of the day and so much needing to get done for Thursday

Got to Mike's about 9:00pm after a long day at work. Brought him some dessert a 15x15 bar that a teacher had made, but he didn't like it. He said in his text to bring something sweet. I brought something sweet. It was delis, but he wanted chocolate chip cookies. He missed out. I ate the treats myself. We both went to bed about 10:30.

I was at work until 4 and could have stayed until 5 or 6, but it was a Friday. Go to dinner at our favorite steakhouse. While there we talk about everything from work to family to meeting his parents to his ex. While in the middle of dinner, our 2nd appetizer the power goes out in the restaurant. It was very busy. No one really screamed - some pulled out their cell phones and ate by cell phone light. We had a good time. I was rubbing his leg and moving closer. It stayed out for maybe 5 minutes. We left the restaurant about 8. We go home and both crash on the couch watching Tivo.

Up early and he does some cleaning. We go to breakfast at Panera. I drive and I forgot my iPad. I take my computer from work to lesson plan only to realize I forgot the power cord at school. I caught up on Facebook on my phone instead.

We go back to his house and get our bag ready for a night out with his ex. Stopped at the outlets in the desert where we enjoy Banananana Republick. He's good friends with his exes parents and really helped him as he moved to California. We get to the hotel they are at and we check in for the night, I work on something for school, then we meet up with them. They were so welcoming of me and there was really no connection between Mike and his ex. They were cold toward each other. I was not ok meeting them at first, but sucked it up and did it. We chit chat on the patio and the learn about me and think I'm wonderful for Mike. They gave their seal of approval. Then we go with his ex, his ex's best friend, and his ex's sister to dinner. Told them about NY for Xmas and they thought Mike needed to take me to all the touristy stuff. As we were sitting at dinner at some bad bbq place in Palm Springs named after a pig I realize how much his ex seems like me. Look was somewhat alike, both are ambitious, both of us have indecisive patterns. Dinner was weird as he gets along so much better with the family than his ex. We go back to the hotel and drop them off. We then take a bus to the main hotel to get our drink on at the main hotel. Amaretto and coke, thanks.

We go back to the hotel room where Mike gives me a hard time about wanting to get a bath, but how can you refuse when you have a 2 person jacuzzi tub? We poured some wine, kissed, and sat holding each other in the tub, then made out, jacked each other off, and well, it was hot. I had a fun time. Mike felt dirty afterward and had to shower. He did. We went to bed on our small double bed. Mike first had to call and argue about the TV not working with the hotel staff- they swore it did and that people only watch DVDs on it... wtf?

Up at 8 and relax in the room. We shower and head to a French cafe with french people and have crepes. Good stuff. Good service. We go to the Bananana Republick in PDesert and enjoy even more cheap stuff. We both spent about $400 at BR this weekend. We stop at the grocery store on the way back for wine and frozen pizza. I didn't mention that on Saturday we bought about $200 worth of wine at Ralphs. Eat pizza back at his house, doze, and watch Top Chef shows etc. For dinner we head out to Joann Fabrics first because he was looking at draperies. We then decide on Chilly's where we have some great service and great strong drinks. We ate lots! Back to his place where we both fell asleep about 10:30

Work was alright. Head to Mike's about 3:15. Talk and catch up, he's laying on the couch. He does some work off and on in his office. I do the dishes and clean the stove while he does that. He makes spaghetti squash and chicken for dinner. The spaghetti squash was interesting. I fell asleep on the couch for about 10 minutes before we head to bed about 10.

Up at 6:30 and off to work... long day at work... reconvened with the family.


fan of casey said...

Mike: What was the point of your BF meeting up with his ex? Was he trying to show you off?

I don't get it, especially if they are cold to one another.

Haha, that was funny, he felt dirty after being in the jacuzzi with you that he needed to take a shower afterwards.

Mike said...

I guess that he's good friends with the parents, but no so much his ex. It was a weird dynamic. His ex and him said maybe 5 words to each other, but the parents were hugging us and telling us how great we were for each other? Um... I guess how that is sometimes when you break up with the ex you are still part of the family? Um....