Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our weekend adventure


My weekend adventure started Thursday night. I knew Mike was getting home from his flight about 5pm and I was planning on being at work extra late. I popped out in time to stop by the store to find something to cook. I debated about attempting a vegetarian version with fake meat of my family's stroganoff, which sounded delicious. I then decided on some tomato basil tortellini from Taste of Home. I text him, find out when he is off the plane, and start cooking. I'm finishing up as he walks in the door. I think he is surprised, gives me a kiss, pours me a glass of wine, and we catch up. I hear about work and his plane ride. We fall asleep on the couch in the evening and make our way to the bedroom about 12.


I had an all night field trip to chaperone to an amusement park, so I had a crazy day. I had an evaluation at work, had crazy kids due to the excitement from the field trip, and had lots of grading to do. I left work at 3:15 to sneak to Mike's where he had made peppers stuffed with cream cheese. I have a few of those, then head back to work at 4:35 when Lipstick Lesbian calls asking where I was. The all night field trip was pretty chaotic because the lady who organized it was not the most organized and a few people bailed on chaperoning, but I was in for it. OMG. So much fun. The organizer and I had a blast riding the rides. I enjoyed going on the scary rides with my kids and bumper cars. I get in at nearly 5am and sneak next to Mike in bed.


Up at 9:30am since I couldn't sleep any longer. Mike makes me an egg/toast while I tell him about the field trip in detail. I shower and then we take off. We go over to the OC to Nordstrom Rack, Kohls, and stop at TGI Fridays for an appetizer. We also stall killing time at Rite Aid and Trader Joes before heading to J and B's house. We chat, they talk about their house projects, school, and work. They give us the options for the evening. We head to Downtown Orange to a brewery for a drink and bad service, then across the way to a small restaurant for a pork chop. We then head to another brewery for beer tasting. We sample each other's beers. Mike uses the excuse he has to drive to pour alcohol in me. We were both very touchy in J and B's back seat as we drove to Fresh & Easy for pie, then to their house. We ate pie and talked more about random stuff. We head home about 11 and get to his place about 12. We both fall asleep after we brush our teeth, exhausted.


Up at 9:30, breakfast at Mickey D's, then to Banananana Republic, JCPenney, and a few other stores. We get back to his place about 1p.m He makes us veggie burgers and I try my first- it wasn't bad- it was pretty tasty. It could possibly satisfy a burger craving- maybe. I enjoyed a coke with breakfast btw, which was yummy; Mike didn't think coke for breakfast was good and suggested alternates. We watch Bravo all afternoon, clean the kitchen, and he uses my tortellini from the other day as a base for his tomato basil pasta he serves with dinner. He added pasta and olives. It was yummy. It poured rain all afternoon and it was romantic as we laid watching the X-mas tree/TV. About 8pm the AMA's came on and we watched TV. We bet on each category as they came on as to who would win. About 9:30-10, he gets ready to pack to go home for Thanksgiving.

Best AMA performances were Kelly Clarkson's Mr. Know It All and Katy Perry's acoustic version of her song The One Who Got Away. Kelly was best dressed in my opinion. Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera were worst.

We head to bed about 11:30, cuddle, make out, and then have sex.


Up at 7, he showers, and I lay in bed. I like that reversal from the usual. I bragged about how nice it was as I played with the kitty. He made his final preps packing and I got my clothing ready to take home to wash.

Met my dad at 9 to set up my retirement plan at the bank. Took my car for service after at a mechanic nearby. Being a commuter I should take much more care of my car and so I don't have to dump tons of money into it at once. The car was really sick as it is still in the repair shop healing. I am out about $1,100. Hopefully I get CarCar back tomorrow.


Went to LA con mi papa and there was a lot of silence during the trip, then this evening we sat in my room and watched TV.


fan of casey said...

Mike: That's some expensive vehicle servicing. What did you have done? Are you catching up for missed service intervals?

cum.lover said...

"I am out about $1,100. Hopefully I get CarCar back tomorrow." Don't I know how to empathize!!? Last week I took my car in for oil & filters change & tune up, & the bill for labor, parts (lots of them & expensive!), & sales tax totalled $1,249.06!