Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snow Day!

Go out to dinner at an Italian restaurant we always see, but never tried in Rancho. Met a former coworker, Mrs. M, from my old school while Mike and I are sitting at the bar. We chit chat and have some funky bruschetta and calamari. The restaurant was forgettable. We go to Marshalls at the mall after and I make fun of him for forgetting to make certain turns.

Icky training at work from 8-1. I was up at 7 to get there on time. Get back at 1:15 to Mike's and he is watching TV. He spent the morning doing that. We look online for a while for somewhere to go and just decide to watch TV, then grab lunch at Olive Garden- or try to. Olive Garden was packed in the bar. We go next door to Red Lobster only to find a lack of waiters and waitresses, and tons of open tables. We go next door to the next restaurant, Chevy's Mexican, where we have unos amigos serve us some buenas margaritas y quesadillas. Muy delicious- one of the best quesadillas we've had. We go across the street to Sams Club and activate our new memberships. Then we walk through the store and I buy a cushy bath rug for when we get out of the shower. We go across the street again to the mall to see "Ides of March," which had good acting, but was a horrible script- it lacked suspense and the ending left you hanging. We fall asleep on the couch and make our way to bed about 12:30 where he holds me and jacks me off, then I jack him off and get off a 2nd time... fun times... love it!

Mike was up early and planning a trip. We thought 6 Flags, bought our annual passes, but there was rain. He said we could grab Mickey D's, then decide where to go. We look at the weather maps while there and decide to get a rental car and go elsewhere. Mike was insistent to get a 4WD rental because he had a free rental. We wait for a rental like that to come up, a Jeep Wrangler. We get in and drive toward LA. We circle Fairplex thinking we would go to the pet show, but change our mind. I say we should go to the mountains since it was probably snowing and we had lots of jackets in the car.

We are suddenly heading to the snow. I'd only driven through snow or experienced the little flurries here in my city every few years. Mike puts it in 4WD and we head up the mountain. We stop so I could get out and he could snap photos of me standing in the snow. We make our way to Big Behr Lake and stop in the village for a late lunch of so-so salad and clam chowder. We also have a strange bruschetta with bread and lumps of cheese in the middle of the plate that we had to cut and put on the bruschetta. It was messy. We go to Starbucks and admire the snow. Mike complains about the coldness. WE stop a few more times and take more photos. We head to Layk Airowhead where we shop in the village.

We head back home and stop to get groceries. My ears wouldn't pop going down the mountain, which was incredibly painful. I could barely hear in the grocery store. We grab dinner supplies and head to the house. He opens some wine while I lesson plan and he cooks some pasta. It was good. We watch some Real Housewives and Desperate Housewives. We both fall asleep on the couch and head to bed about 11.

I get to his place about 3:30 and he is out mowing. He complains about the yard, the grass, etc. Then we go in and he handles a few things from work. We go to dinner at our Mexican restaurant we like. The service was lackluster and we deem it a Friday thing, but we did enjoy $1.99 margaritas. We go to Target after. We go back to his place for some NeNe and Shiray on RHOA. I start falling asleep at 8:20 on the couch and he is not far behind me. I wake up once about 9, then we both sleep until 12:30a.m. It was crazy. I was shocked. I thought we both may be there all night.

He was up at 6 for work to head off on business. I got up at 6:30 and used the spare shower. We kissed and said goodbye.

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fan of casey said...

Mike: No foodie picts this time?

At least they cleared the roads for your use, look, no snow on the street.