Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Met my cousin


I had a "you can't make this shit up" start to Thanksgiving, but then the drama mellowed out thankfully, and got to enjoy all of my extended family


Lots of Black Friday shopping by myself and with my mother


Finally got to see my bf after texting him all week. He had a great time at home, b His flight got in after midnight Friday night. We met about 9:30 or 10. My mom had intended to spend the day with me when she figured out I was going to SD, but I had other plans. I made up a white lie and was off to see my bf.

I get to his place about 10:30 and he is watching TV. We watch King of Queens or Mike and Molly, and he books a hotel and I pick out a restaurant to meet my cousin at. I offer to pay for the hotel, but he says my AAA card would suffice.

We drive to SD, but stop in Temec for honey since his friend back home swore that was what I needed for my allergies, then we stopped at a Chilis for a margarita and lonché. We get to SD, find the super awesome hotel and then we go up to the room and fall asleep in each others arms for a few hours. I call the restaurant and make reservations, and seal everything up with my cousin.

We meet my cousin at 6 at an Italian restaurant. Our hotel was close enough to walk thanks to someone's great thinking. I see my cousin standing outside and the man she was with looked nothing like what I told Mike I had imagined him to be. He was a little surprised as we were walking up and told me so. We hug, shake hands, and introduce ourselves. I never told my cousin I was gay in text. I just told her I had a special someone I wanted to introduce her to. She hugs, meets him, and I check into the restaurant. She goes to the restroom to freshen up, text me, and tell me how cute my bf is, as well as his great smile. It makes me melt, let me tell you.

We see the campy humor of my cousin's boyfriend, my cousin asks me all about the family and I divulge. Mike ordered a bottle of wine, which he said later made everything much more bearable. He thought my cousin was super overly excited and asked if she was always like that- I said yes - and he thought the meet was interesting - my cousin wants to meet him again.

We texted afterward and I told her about not being out to her mom, and she agreed it was best not to be. She told me she can't wait to meet again and I told her what a great guy she found.

Mike and I go back to the hotel, watch some kids movie on TV, and fall asleep cuddled up to each other, which was so nice.


Up, shower, and go to a brunch restaurant in NW SD. We talk about what a strange place it was, then we go to the outlets and don't find a lot. We head home. He makes a pizza for lunch, look at the ads, and I create lesson plans. For dinner he makes chicken marsala- vegetarian style of course. We go to bed about 10:30 and fool around, and I suck him off for a sec.


Up and off to work again... I figure I could do this. Rowdy kids. Grrr. Home at 4. Tell him all about my day and coworkers. About 4:30 he starts dinner and he mentions how we need to vacuum. I offer and get it out of the cupboard and start. I do that for about 30 minutes - and by the time I'm done, I'm warm, and we relax until his shepherd's pie is done. It was quite good. I'd only had it once or twice before. We watch some RHOBH and WWHL. He gets ready to pack for work to go to ATL about 8:30 and I watch TV. We fall asleep about 10:30 and he introduces me to some new 90s show I'd never heard of- I can't remember the name.


My bf has to get up at 4:30 to catch his flight. He kisses me, tells me he loves me, and then is off once he is dressed. I fall back asleep and am in a deep sleep when I'm awaken at 6:30.


fan of casey said...

Mike: I love chicken marsala, I make it all the time, altho I'm trying to picture the vegetarian version and I just get a fuzzy view.

JustAMike said...

Great story! I am so glad your cousin reacted this way. It's a very good thing.

Mind Of Mine said...

I like the sound of your cousin.

I find the over use of the possessive 'My BF' interesting also.