Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to school

Thursday Night
Head to Mike's after my parents finally released me after being around them for 72 hours. Damn surgeon said something about me having to be monitored for the 72 hours following my GI procedure. We talk, I tell him about my week. 

BF overslept on accident. I slept in. We got up and headed to breakfast, then I headed into work where my coworker and I did stuff from 10-4. I kept texting my BF that I was ready to leave, or needed a drink, or something along those lines. I told him to plan a weekend trip, but he said it was too hot. He finally appeased me by taking me to Lay-Z-Dog for dinner. Poor service and poor appetizers, but he appeased me by taking me out of the house and getting me a drink. After that day at work I needed it. We spent the evening on the couch watching chef shows and housewives. 

We have omelets for breakfast and do little tasks around the house. I remember we did fool around in the evening as I was falling asleep in bed he insisted on tickling me and starting it... 

FB's for breakfast (not fuck buddy's). We talk, read the paper, and oh yeah, I slept in that morning. We drive around the city, neighborhood, and then go to the mall in his city, the outdoor mall, and look for pants. Find nothing. Head home and shop online. Decide to postpone purchase. We watch our housewives on the couch and make some bag fish and pollenta. We both cook a dish. We sat down to a bottle of wine. 

First day of school! Mike was up nice and early to cook me breakfast. I demanded. I needed energy to go, and some motivation to get out of bed. He made me a mushroom and cheese omelet. Highlight of my day. I took photos of it and told everyone of how lucky I was to have breakfast made for me on my first day of school. 

And Mike harassed me all weekend about going back to school. 

Dumb day at work. 

Go home to visit parents, get mail, discuss random issues. Go to Mike's where we have a great convo about common core standards, teachers/meetings, and professionalism. 

Bed about 11 after all the chef shows. 

Up to do it all again... better day at work... 


fan of casey said...

School starts already? Is this extra early?

Aek said...

I hope your GI procedure went well. What was it for? GERD? I'm too curious about that, lol.