Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving in

Wednesday Night
Conference ended and headed back home. Texted Mike with status updates since our flight kept getting delayed. When we landed I asked where we were going to party since Tagalong and I were wide awake. He asked if I had been drinking jack and coke. I said no. I gave Tagalong my phone and she chatted with him unbeknowest to him. We make it to the baggage claim and she yells a hello to him, he comes over and gives her a hug, and I meet her hubby. FUN TIMES.

Headed home to visit family, left about 3pm when my mom and dad took off for some appointment. Mike and I went to PS to visit Banana Republic and the fish place we like. Rained on us a little. Went to the city to the south of me to buy a door handle since it wasn't on sale at the Lowes near him.

Hung around, went shopping, and more.

We went to dinner at Chevee's. This was the same place he mentioned I move in the first time, and he brought it up again asking when I was going to move the rest of my stuff in. I told him it will happen one day. I said I didn't have a lot, mainly clothes and shoes, and my yearbooks etc. were in storage. Once we have a place for my shoes I'll probably move the rest in. I said that I guess that since I am moving in one thing we need to discuss is expenses and he said I would just pay for the water and electric bill. He wouldn't make me responsible for his mortgage because I get nothing out of that. I joked he is home all day and that I hardly use any water/electricity compared to him. I more or less agreed.

So I have a question- when you decide to move in with someone like a BF and take on the responsibility like a utility bill, do you make a contract, what do you do?

Mike took off on a business trip about 4:30 in the morning.

I had a procedure with the GI doctor and was under anesthesia for several hours. It was pretty trippy I recall being in there, burping a lot, as the GI doctor was in my mouth probing around, and could vaguely see the doctor/nurses moving around, but I wasn't in pain. Slept all night.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Make room for lots of clothes and shoes. No, you don't sign a contract when you decide to share expenses, that's how you treat a 3rd party, not the guy who someday you might be joined with at the hip. You should be able to trust each other to keep a simple commitment. You will end up paying for other shared things because you want to, not because you have to.

Anonymous said...

Usually you pay half of the
utilities: water, sewer, electric,
cable TV, etc. since you are 50%
sharing of the benefits of his
home. In my experience, sharing
expenses, etc. is almost always
a problem. He may not want you
to pay "rent" for tax reasons, or
even so you cannot make a home ownership claim if you split up.
All the best.

dan said...

sounds like a good setup. well instead of paying rent, you're paying the bills... that sounds fair and y'all should be able to agree without a contract involved. you might ask if there is a big sway in amounts seasonally for bills, although I'm think CALIFORNIA ha I doubt it. :) cheers

Aek said...

Sounds like a fair agreement. I don't know if you have to do anything formally, maybe just put those bills under your name or something?

What's this about the GI doc? o_O