Friday, July 13, 2012

Black Sheep

I'm up here at a conference for the program I teach getting tons of new ideas. Principal brought 26 of us along because this prog. is the vision for the school. Good idea, but everyone has their idea how to run the program and it just doesn't work - and I have 10 years experience with the program.

Well, this conference has been a vacation.

Arrived up here SUNDAY

- Met 5 coworkers at airport, talked, caught up, and these weren't ones I was close to. Walked all over the city and found a super expensive restaurant. Not good, but good wine, and good conversation. Talked to the 6th grade teacher who seemed in her own little world. She was cool. Tagalong and I were supposed to hit the town that night, but her flight was delayed. Instead I slept as the principal, AP, and Tagalong texted me all night long as they arrived into town. I kept waking up listening to my phone buzz.

Up early and at a tense group session with all 26 of us, and 6 who never should have been here. Nothing accomplished and lots of misunderstandings. We headed off to our sessions and then met up to discuss what we learned. Suddenly the principal had a new vision for the school that shaped all around this. Lots of flustered people - namely tagalong and myself. Dinner at Changs with principal and coworkers I flew up with. After dinner Tagalong and I hung out in her room, went to the closed liquor store, then took a taxi to the open liquor store where we got wine coolers, pork rinds, Reeses, and Skittles. Talked and planned until 2am.

Up early. Met my Santa Fe group again. I'd met Dakota from the fitness center my first night and met her coworker David in the morning. He went out of his way to be friendly with Tagalong and I. We walked to the conference together. Tagalong and I did lunch, then headed to the meeting with our principal. David was there at the time we arrived back and watched our frustration as the principal had this new vision and didn't understand. We discussed at the meeting, then came out in the hallway where he bought us drinks because he felt bad for Tagalong and I showing our disgust because this was so awful. Seriously. You don't know. We were coaxed into drinks with him and Dakota, then we went to dinner with our group at Joe's Crab Shack from 7-10. We agreed to meet up wtih Dakota and David after. They called us, we chatted, and we got it squared away. We met at our hotel, then went to our food place from our last conference. We got to talk more with the 2 of them and heard their story, shared our struggle at work, and they were surprised. Good stuff. We enjoyed that. We had 1 camacazie, 3 jack and cokes, then went to a dance club where all of us danced and had 1 more jack and coke. We had a blast. All of us were black sheep not getting along with the rest of the group, but had the greatest time. We ended up at Tagalong's room where we debriefed and hugged before departing our ways. Bedtime now at 3am. We closed the club down BTW. David knew I was partnered as I mentioned my BF many times, but I politely turned down his offer, and Sis (Tagalong) supported me. I went back to my room, texted Sis I was ok, and am here now. I am priding myself in turning down his offer because I do love my BF and he's long term. I am glad we got to meet up with other black sheep. Tagalong and I refer to our selves as brother and sister now. She's my sissy. She's fun.


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fan of casey said...

Mike: I'm trying to read between the lines here -- what kind of offer was David making to you? I'm glad you resisted -- you have someone pretty special already back at home.