Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sis' job offer

Since we haven't had a story about my sister in a while, partially because I'm not around, partially because there's too much to chronicle...

My sister is in grad school pursuing a masters in the humanities field, but there is almost no demand for the thing she is getting her degree in. She has taken a lot of math classes in a field, and being a woman, interested in math, it opens a lot of doors for you. She was approached by a large corporation that is interested in having her work for them. The company is a household name. She received a formal offer with the offer to pay for her to finish her masters here at home, or in her new city. They offered to pay relocation 1,500 miles away. They offered her a salary that even I am jealous of since it'll be thousands more than I am making a year, and will make for several years.

She is very interested in working in this field and doing this job. So why did she turn down the offer? She would have to move. Her tuition is already being paid for. She is waiting for another opportunity. It is hard to go to a more prestigious company than this one. So what is she doing in the meantime? She is being a professor... hahaha... yeah... right.... TA... She is also being a webmaster making crap for some random company. She makes $600 a month, and is happy with that. My dad even told her to take the job, even if for a year, she could come back home, no problem. He told her she would be making more than me... didn't matter.


fan of casey said...

You need to use some reverse psychology on her.

Aek said...

Whatever, her life, her loss. There are things we just have to learn the hard way, unfortunately.