Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking shots

Thursday Evening
I went on a search for dinner, got a salad, a fake chicken dish with mushrooms/onions/garlic, and dessert. Mike got home and I made dinner, a fake chicken dish, that he doubted because he's not into fake chicken. He doubted my cooking the entire time, but lo and behold it turned out pretty well. We had dessert too, a lady finger and amaretto sprinkled dish with ice cream. It was pretty good.

We got up and I headed to physical therapy. AWFUL. OMG. I nearly blacked out and fainted. It was bad. Do not show me pictures of bones. Do not use models of skeletons to demonstrate the meniscus in my leg and what is wrong with it. That's just nasty. I felt myself start sweating, I told the woman, and got really vocal with her I WANTED THAT SKELETON OUT OF THERE. I couldn't take that much longer. So the physical therapist said her job is to find me an exercise machine I can use while I repair my torn meniscus. Um? Really? Um. Ok.

So after that I head to Mike's, tell him of how bad it was, then we head to Magic Mountain. We only get on about 4 rides, and it was pretty fun. We would have liked to gone on more rides, but it was hot, and we had no patience. We gave up. We decided to not come back. We got a funnel cake and left. We went to Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Big Lots. We found a sushi place for dinner, a sushi boat deal. Fun times chatting about our week, my family, etc. Fool around at bed.

We drove up to SB to meet his cousin and his aunt. They were so happy to see both of us, told his cousin of my job since last time we saw them was last 4th of July weekend when we were going up north for this job interview. We chatted about anything and everything, her family, my family, Mike told how he knows my family is crazy as is his, our trip to Spain, and more. We go to dinner with his cousin at a mediterranean place. We did a shot of tequila since his cousin thought Mike and I needed to be loosened up after arguing over a parking space... small stuff... lol... our normal. We did a shot, then we ordered a bottle of wine to drink. We had some delicious pizza, hummus, and calamari. We then walk down to downtown for a drink in a bar her friend owned. She met a friend there, introduced us. I had a glass of wine there. We go see her new bungalow she rented that is charming and in a beautiful location. Then we were off to a karaoke bar since I told her someone wouldn't let me do it. So we are off and picking out our songs. Mike's ordering us the drinks- 2 gin and tonics for me. We listen to a bunch of karaokeing of songs like "Because I Got High," Katy Perry, and then us. His cousin sang Sting and I sang Amanda Perez. Mike was dying of laughter. I was laughing at times to his cousin totally jamming out to me that I got so off with the words.

Txted my coworkers to tell them I was doing karaoke. Tagalong and Blondie loved it.

No one cared. Good stuff.

Back to the hotel about 12


Woke up an hit McD's. Stop at a BRepublic on the way home. Good times. Drop rental car off- we had a Chrysler 300. We go to the mall across the way. I drive Mike's car since we had to pick up his from the parking spot. We go to Nordstrom Rack and Last Call. Then we go to Chevy's. I also drive his car around the corner to that. He said I could because it was around the corner. Lots of chat about work there. We also chatted a lot about working coming back down. We talked about where we see ourselves in a few years. Leaving the restaurant I still had the key and was willing to let him drive, but he said I could, so I did. It was fun.

Woke up at 7, showered, and was off to a day of appoitnments with the dentist, chiropractor, and more.  Head back about 3pm. We do a quick clean of the house as his coworker, the older gay guy, was in my city car shopping. We go to the grocery store and then relax, chat about cars. He arrives about 6 and we sit at the kitchen island as Mike dishes out veggies, then pasta, and bread. It was healthy. We hear about the tragedies of renting a house out, gay young military guys, and dilemmas over Mercedes. We fall asleep about 11 on the couch and plop into bed about 1.

Up at 8:30 - I slept in since I was exhausted. We have about 15 minutes together before I leave because my sister had emailed me my parents were doing allergy shots earlier today than usual. We head there and then around town with my dad.

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Mike: What? No visit to your usual stop at Target?

What exactly is "fake chicken?"