Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tired of everyone

Wednesday  *********4TH OF JULY*********
I spent the early morning with the family where my parents were just hanging out. My dad and mom were talking adn doing random stuff. I get over to Mike's about 11. We hang out watching TV, then go shopping. We go to the outlet mall and a couple other places. We stop at the supermarket for groceries, as well as Target. We get lots of fake meat. We even get charcoal. This was the first time Mike BBQ'd food. Delish. He BBQd veggies and veggie burgers. We then took off to go see fireworks at the baseball stadium. We had to wait a while until the game ended, so we waited in the hood where some crazies talked about pot smoking and blew up fireworks that nearly sat trees and other things on fire. The fireworks were pretty good.

Spent the day with family, left after a few hours because I was tired of them, headed back to Mike's. Spent the day with him enjoying each other.

Spent the early part of the day with Mike playing around on our computers. Went to physical therapy, or tried, but was stuck on the freeway and went 4 miles in 45 minutes due to construction. FAIL. Went home instead where my mom was bitching about wanting to get a cedar chest out of storage and her horrible decorating/house ideas. I got tired of her quickly and left. I went to Mike's where he was busy cleaning because J&B were on their way. Did a beer and tortilla chip run, then B showed up shortly after. We chatted about work, our vacation, and Mike's house. J showed up when his coworker who lived down the street from Mike dropped him off. We had a drink and ate tortilla chips, looked at the backyard, and chatted about decorating etc. We headed to the baseball game about 6:15. We grabbed hot dogs and beer, then sat waiting for the game. B and I sat next to each other talking about work, and it became too much for Mike, so we moved, and let J and him sit next to each other. We talked about discipline and he told me how when the kids act up he tells them "they're not going to college," it's cute, and I'm thinking of doing it. The game was good. The score was 4-2 when we left in the 9th because J was tired and had to work Saturday. We drove back, then made small talk and said goodbye.

We woke up and fooled around. I rushed home to get my suitcase and stuff for my conference for work. My parents were gone and Mike had already insisted I just spend 20 minutes there, but since they were gone, I spent less, and was back by 1. We went to LA to the Discovery Science Center for the Cleopatra exhibit. We went down to the OC after for Nordstrom Racks and Banana Republic. Ended up at a watch store where Mike finally got his white watch. We made it back late in the evening.

We were up at 7am and out of the house by 7:35. We stopped at McD's for breakfast. I was the first to arrive out of all my coworkers. Enjoyed meeting up with all of them at the airport and heading to NorCal for our conference.

SO here is the recap of last week... wooo!!!!

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