Thursday, March 29, 2012

I can't believe I'm thinking of ditching my iPhone

Don't tell The Guy - well, he already knows! Maybe it is Mike's influence. Maybe it is that I'm just wanting a few things that the iPhone doesn't yet seem to have.

1. The weather app doesn't update instantly and give me the temperature at the current moment on the home screen.

2. The phone needs to have at least a 4.0'' screen, preferably 4.6'', but 3.6'' is just too small compared to other phones out now.

3. A new shape. I hate the shape of this iPhone. How can that be held in your hand? In Apple's defense not all smartphones out now meet the hand friendly shape.

4. A faster processor - the new Droid Razr has a 1.2GHZ processor in comparison to the 800MHZ in the iPhone. Most processors on phones are already ahead of Apple.


I have to weigh a couple of factors...

1. Sexiness - which is sexier?

2. Ease of sync with my Mac

3. Continue being the Mac addict

4. Does it sync over the air/cloud?

5. iMessage = free texts = awesome!


fan of casey said...

Mike: The solution? Upgrade to iPhone 4S or wait for the 5 version later this year. An iPhone is much sexier on you. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were dropping the iPhone because of the ibill.

Nicholas said...

If you chucked it, there'd be no more texting me :(.

Okay, that's selfish, but still.

Also, if you need weather that current, couldn't you just, um....erm, look out the window? :S

Aek said...

I just got an Android! It works pretty well for everything I need it to. Then again, I'm not as addicted to my smartphone as some of my friends . . . who compulsively check their emails and browse the internet at every free moment.