Friday, June 20, 2014

Back in the days...

Hung out with The Guy yesterday. It was good times. Lots of talk about anxiety meds, politics, and our relationships. He finds it funny how antagonistic the relationship is between my partner and I. We argue constantly over little things, but in a cute way, and give each other a hard time.

The Guy had a training session with his trainer at his ritzy country club he has a membership to, so I got to tag along and look at all the hotties from the local high school and college, and work out.

Stopped by Trader Joes and then went back to his house where Rob had just shown up. We talked about a lot of things - mainly Rob's new ventures into nursing, and his new job at a doc's office. Got to talk about a  lot of interesting things like B12 injections. Glad Rob is doing so well.

Then we ordered pizza, ate, and talked, and watched something called Paranormal Witness. It was good - could easily become addicted to that show.

After dinner, and the bottles of wine started flowing, we talked about a lot - we got deep - we talked about cooking, common core math standards, our upbringings and how we remember being taught math in school. It was good that The Guy and I are on opposite spectrums of our beliefs for the common core standards, so that made for good debate. Rob and I grew up in the same city, and grew up with a lot of the same common friends, though we went to different schools. We reminisced about the places we went, people we knew, and that was fun.

He asked about one mutual acquaintance - actually, he is good friends with everyone int he family, and I am Facebook friends with most of the family, but did not like the girls, and I went to K-12 with them. They were mean, know it alls, and made fun of everyone. There were 6 of them, and 4 boys. He asked if I heard about the crash in a nearby city where a guy was coming home from work on his bike, and was struck by a man in a car. I said I had, since I remember hearing it on the news. Turns out their little brother, whom I did go to school with, was all over the news the day before because he had been arrested for mowing the guy over with his car, and I heard the name as the news was reporting it, but the name didn't register. The kid had a very unusual name. I didn't like the little brother, but what he did was tragic.

About 10pm I figured it was time to go, so I said my goodbyes.

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