Saturday, June 7, 2014

TV and Radio Observations

Anyone ever watch "The People's Couch" on Bravo? Anyone seen the Egbert family, the 2 guys, who are sons, who are always laying in their parent's bed, in between mom and dad? Weird.


- I am so glad Kristin Cruz from the Mark & Kristin show on KOST 103.5 is gone. I could not stand another moment about her talking about her kids, her firefighter, or her sandpaper voice.

- I cannot stand Bruce Scott in the afternoon on KOST. He just seems a little fruity. Keri Steele is just hella annoying too. I avoid KOST a lot these days.

- Oh, and another reason why I avoid KOST is their traffic bed. They've added the most annoying and grating music to the bed during the traffic report. It sounds like they took the music from One Republic's Counting Stars and have that behind Mike Nolan giving the traffic.

- I miss RaqC and Nachin en Exitos 93.9 y all the Spanglish. Listen to the clip from Exitos below. How awesome is all that Spanglish? That's pretty much como I talk on a daily basis.

- Radio stations that place the commercials before the traffic reports bother me. I am not going to stick around to wait for a traffic report - I will flip to another station.

- KIIS is so formulaic sounding in the morning - not a Ryan Seacrest in the morning fan, but I do like him, only on TV I've decided.

- My favorite radio stations right now are 100.3 KSWD, The Sound. Lots of music, lots of not regularly played classic rock, great features like Peace Love and Sunday Mornings, Triple Play Thursdays, and My Turn.

- KOLA is good, but their playlist, even though they have gone 90s too, is so limited. They could add in groups like TLC, Gin Blossoms,  Mariah Carey (other than Always Be My Baby), Nirvana, Alanis Morisette, Paula Cole. KOLA also needs more 80s. They should add in a few 60s like KEARTH does with Beatles and Beach Boys, along with Motown.

- I like Jesse Duran and Irma in the morning on KOLA. They're fun and energetic.

- Meanwhile on another IE station, KGGI, I cannot stand John Magic, Weavey, and Evelyn Erives. He just doesn't appeal to me. Diana Weavey is so small market sounding. KGGI no longer plays old school.

- And other morning shows - I don't like the Woody Show on ALT 987. Their features like the Redneck news are fine, but they talk so much about like how bad humanity is. I know it is, but I just don't find them relatable.

- Anytime I need a Woody I can go to Heidi and Frank on 955 KLOS, and they are always talking about sex in some way or another. The other morning they were talking about a survey about people liking to do it while their favorite shows are on so they don't miss out on the shows. Like WTF, really, people? LOL.

- I continue to loathe KFROG's limited playlist, the Frogmen in the Morning talk about the same thing everyday - their kids, school, and well, it's boring.


- KTLA just hired Nerissa Witherspoon Knight - the former KNBC morning anchor who had a big 130 market fall to Beaumont Texas after her KNBC days. And she was probably where she belonged. She was painful to watch. WTF is KTLA thinking?

- KTLA is on a bimbo hiring spree it seems right now. Courtney Friel. Nerissa.

- KTLA should have Vera Jimenez or Ginger Chan occasionally stand in front of the traffic map, instead of inside the traffic center. I like that. Watch my girl Alysha below...

- Love me my Alysha, Garth, Leslie, and Phillip in the morning on ABC7. I am constantly changing the channel between ABC7 and the KTLA crew 4-7am crew. I can't stand Jessica Holmes, so after 7, I am watching CBS or ABC. Henry DiCarlo is hilarious. I can't watch KABC with Bri Winkler on. She's amateur, at best. Chris Schauble doesn't even bother me that much on KTLA now.

Have to admit, I used to have a hard time watching Leslie Sykes, but she has grown on me, and I enjoy her in the morning.

- And Good Day LA is unwatchable. PERIOD.

- Oh, and I haven't watched KNBC in a hot minute also. They're just a mess over there. Anette Arreola, Gadi Schwartz, Tony Shin, and Michelle Valles. All amateurs at best, and really do not know SoCal when they talk.

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