Monday, June 16, 2014

The cruise with my parents

Ventured over to Catalina and down to Ensenada with my parents. Cruise went well.

Good dinner mates - an older black couple from Cerritos, a lesbian pair of nurses, and what looked like OC money from Reno

Just got off at Catalina and walked around, had dessert.

In Ensenada, we went downtown, and walked and walked and walked and walked.

Some good conversations happened - the finance conversation - they saw me do a shot of cranberry vodka at the dinner table, they saw me wandering around with my glass of chardonnay, and I had my piƱa colada at brunch. My dad seemed judgmental, but my mom was cool with it.

Parents enjoyed the shows - I'm glad they weren't exactly like the ones the week prior.

Pics to follow.

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fan of casey said...

Finance conversation? You going to borrow $ from them for your new hot and sexy wheels?