Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gay in Nashville

I was reading one of my new blogger friend's archives the other day, and not only did I discover he was a country music fan, which scores major points in my book, but he posted an article I knew nothing of.

I had heard the name Shane McNally before, so I'm not that so far behind, but I knew nothing of him - a gay country songwriter who is behind some of country music's biggest hits right now.

He's got lots of articles about him - here, NY Times, and the Washington Post.

A lot of his songs are some of my favorites I discovered -

Last Call - LeAnn Wommack
Somewhere With You - Kenny Chesney <-- a="" and="" every="" gay="" have="" heard="" i="" it="" like="" lol.="" nbsp="" p="" relationship...="" song="" sounded="" this="" time="">Come Over - Kenny Chesney
A few of The Band Perry's songs
Tie It Up - Kelly Clarkson <-- equated="" funny="" gay="" he="" heard="" immediately="" it="" marriage="" my="" p="" partner="" this="" to="" when="">

Oh, and Lady A too... Downtown. Love that song, and the line "I've got a dress that'll show a little uh-uh, but you ain't getting unh-uh unless you come pick me up..."

And Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart"


Joey said...

Love Shane Mac's music. He also has some great songs of his own. I have been a fan for years. You should look him up on youtube. However, if you want to see him sing, look up SHANE MAC.

Robert said...

First off..... Thank you for the Shout Out!!!!!!

Second --- If you get the chance, this weekend CMT is running a CMT Crossroads - Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry. It's fantastic!!!!!

Third..... From the first time I heard "Somewhere with You" by Kenny Chesney, I thought it was a gay-love song. And being sung by Kenny? Mmmmmhmmmmm. lol

Shane is awesome. If you can, follow him on twitter. He's hilarious!

Love "Downtown". Love "Mama's Broken Heart".

He's just a great songwriter.