Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Excruciating Pain

I went through several rounds of physical therapy for the meniscus/calf issue, and did that for about 3 months. It was great. The pain went way down. The physical therapist was awesome - she really, over time, dug into my calf muscle and knee area via soft tissue massage.

I've been out of physical therapy for about 3 months, and I continue to be a good boy, doing all the exercises, but I still get a pain.

The pain occurs right above my ankle in the inner part of the calf. It is on the inside of the leg, literally 1-3 inches from where the ankle bone sticks out. It is a sharp, tingling, piercing, and pulling pain. It is pretty constant, especially when I am not standing or walking. It is weird. The pain is only concentrated to 1 little spot. I alternate between an Ace Bandage Wrap, a calf band, and a calf sleeve - whatever seems to hit the pain that day. I try to massage it, and that helps for a few moments, but then the pain is back. I lack the massage therapist touch, and I do try. It is made worse when I sneeze, for whatever reason, the tingling can be felt then, oh, and when I wipe, which is probably TMI, but it goes to show how the human body is connected. When I'm laying in bed it bothers me too, especially without the Naproxen. It feels like my leg is electric, and the Naproxen calms it down. Tylenol won't work.

I try to research online and come up empty-handed. I don't have shin splints, blood clots, and nobody can seem to explain this.

So today I'm in the Ace and calf band, and on a big dose of Naproxen trying to make things better, and trying to enjoy the day en Catalina.

As for the meniscus issue, my knee is 1000% better, and only after strenuous physical activity, or movements I'm not used to do I have to wear a knee band for a day or so, then I'm fine.

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Robert said...

Ah physical therapy. Been there, done that.

I've had therapy on various parts of my body over the years and it has always been beneficial.

Of course it doesn't hurt that my therapist is rather easy on the eyes. VERY easy on the eyes.

My issue has been keeping up with the exercises once I've finished. I get stop doing them and then all of a sudden the old injury flares up again.

I hope you're able to find a cause for your lingering pain.