Monday, June 30, 2014

Pay Cut

One of the things about my new position that I thought about going into it was a pay cut - the middle school is a great place to work and comes with opportunities for a lot more money. There is the after school program at most middle schools that are low income, and often teachers are given the opportunity to tutor after school. I was making an extra $2,400 a year tutoring. That's lost now, and well, it was a nice amount to put toward trips. That was my trip fund.

At the middle school we were in constant need of subs - I was often told I was going to sub on my prep period, which drove me crazy, but it did provide a nice check with it. $45 per hour. Yeah, I can do that. I was making about $100 per month doing that. At most high schools there is also opportunities to do that, but at my school where I teach all periods, and all teachers there teach all class periods, that is not an option.

My school had a wacko schedule, and there were several addendum's to the contract for it. While I disliked it, what it did provide for was a lot of extra income - we had 20 instructional minutes added at the beginning of the day that gave us about $250 a month more in our check due to a low income grant we got for adding instructional minutes. Also, we had a lot more meetings than a regular school, and well, those meetings drove me insane, but an extra $20 here, $40 here, it adds up.

At the high school there is not a lot of opportunity for extra money. I am taking a pay cut - but I guess it is at the expense of my mental wellbeing.

I am already maxed out on the salary scale and so there is no room for advancement/more money.

Damn, I feel poor again.

$350 a month less is quite a bit.

Oh, and it also doesn't help that we had 3 planning days at the end of the year I was unable to attend due to prior vacation being planned prior to these dates being announced. I went online and put it in the sub system, but was told by payroll after receiving a letter, they are taking $995 out of my check for July because I did not do the leave request properly. GAH. GOTTA FIGHT THAT.


fan of casey said...

Are you at least getting a COLA negotiated by the union?

Mike said...

Our union does not negotiate COLA. They say we would lose our incredible health benefits if we did.