Sunday, June 22, 2014

Parting with books

Some people have that emotional attachment to books - my parents and sister consider books sacred. Tons of bookshelves in their house, love books, buy them constantly. Me? Well, I guess I have a part of that still in me. I always felt that there might be something in my education books that I would find useful, and for the most part I haven't returned to any of the books, so today I decided to sell some of my books on amazon. I had 5 textbooks from my graduate program that fetched me $89 - nice down payment for some new sunglasses... or shoes.

Also took a bunch of $3- and less gift cards I had, and traded them in online for amazon gift cards. While it would be nice to get the full value out of them, they were places I simply didn't shop like the movie theater, Mimi's Cafe, IHOP. So they were places I had gift cards to, went, and still had a little bit left over, and since I didn't pay for them I didn't feel that huge of a loss. $11 there.

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Aek said...

There are some books that I like to keep, but textbooks aren't one of them. Literature is different, as I like having a collection of books.