Monday, June 9, 2014

We have places to go

So lots of vacationing coming up...

I'm vacationing on another cruise with my parents next week. It was super cheap - less than $250 for 5 days/4 nights, going on a quick jaunt down to Mexico. And they say I never spend time with them. Thank my partner for encouraging me to go.

I NEED A VEGAS BREAK SOON. Last year we went to Vegas like 4 times over 2 months, and well, I miss it. I wanna park myself like its hot at a slot machine and make it rain. Then I want to find some amazing drinks and happy hours. And shop. That's my plan. Gonna press Mike to go soon. I've been pushing. He'll probably say "it's too damn hot."

And well, NY for the holiday season. SO EXCITED. AGAIN. It is our annual tradition. So, our friends from the cruise, Mike's friend Kat, and myself, are trying to plan a NYE in a house on Martha's Vineyard or somewhere fancysmancy like that, or in a mountainy area with lots of snow. We are super excited. While in NYC I MUST MUST MUST see "Beautiful," Carole King's biography that basically became a Broadway show. I'm not sure it's Mike's cup of tea, but I just read her biography, and love her music. Her songs are just brilliant. Brilliant play on words. So, here's some Carole King for ya... and me.

My favorite line is "when my show was in the lost and found..."

Little Eva was her kids' babysitter.

I want to get to OKC to see my cousins. Indiana is also on my list to see my family there. So many places to go and so little money. Boo.

Oh, and it drives Mike crazy that I love those oldies... and trivia.

And I want to go see Elton John at Staples Center in October. Expensive I'm sure.

Oh,and Bobbie Gentry is currently in heavy rotation on my iTunes right now. Love the folksy sound. The Closet Professor posted her song "Ode to Billy Joe," and I've been playing her ever since...

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