Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fell in love a little more

With Adele and my boyfriend!!!

- Out of work ASAP to get to his house by 3:15
- Arrive as he was doing laundry, kiss
- He shows me his new digital remote and showers
- I change pants and get ready myself
- He tells me to put on sunscreen since we are taking the convertible
- Leave at 4
- Dinner at Pei Wei - it was pretty good - I wasn't in the mood for anything heavy. Next time Mongolian beef for sure
- Arrive at the Greek at 6:30
- Stack parking... eek... we thought we might opt for VIP, but missed the turn
- Wait in line at will call for tix- a big no-no I know now thanks to Mike's informing
- We get our wine and head to our seats
- Sit, post facebook pics, update facebook status messages, and he confesses his love for me on facebook
- Concert starts late
- Wanda Jackson was the opener - we weren't familiar with her- my dad was - but she was amusing. She did her version of Amy Winehouse's "I Know Your No Good"
- Intermission
- Then the most amazing concert began... it was like being up close to him
Thank you youtube! My seats were better, though!!!

- I had only heard this one 1 or 2 times, but it was pretty great too!
- Loved having my arm around Mike near the end of the concert as we stood swaying to the music. Loved sharing a few kisses during "Someone Like You" - absolutely amazing!!!
- My favorites were "Hometown Glory," "Turning Tables," "Chasing Pavements," "Someone Like You," and "Rolling in the Deep" was one of those songs that is waaaaay too overplayed, but the feeling when it was played was incredible and everyone felt so close.
- She opened with "Hometown Glory" and then the encore included "Rumor Has It," "Rolling in the Deep," and "Someone Like You" finished the show
Loved Adele's retro look - loved her wit and humor
- We didn't say much when we left the concert other than WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
- We go back to the car, answer natures call, and wait for the icky stack parking to clear out
- Mike tries to direct the dumb LA blond behind us to back up so that we can get out, but she was clueless
- I try to fall asleep and manage to sleep until we get off the freeway and are almost at his house
- We get back at 12:39a.m and concert let out at 10:40
- I was the envy of the staff room today at lunch. I bragged. The teachers were surprised I made it in to work. Those teachers on my facebook were showing the staff just what a lucky guy I was. LOL


fan of casey said...

Mike: Woo-hoo! What a wonderful time!

Joey said...

Ugh...you know I am jealous and ready to beat my computer. YOU MAKE ME SICK!

No, you know I love ya! I am glad you had such an awesome time, and that you and Mike are doing so well together.

Now, about Adele...she could sing the phone book and I would be on cloud nine for months. I love her voice. It is so pure and unique. I love her style as well. There is nothing better than Adele!

Aek said...

Glad you had a great time. :-)

Anonymous said...