Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love my lezzies

I never see the lesbian gal I came out to at work a few week back as her room is super far from mine. I ran into her in the parking lot today and we are going to have lunch together every Thursday just to stay in touch we agreed. Woo! We're calling it our Thursday Lesbian Lunch. Woo hoo!!! From here on out I will refer to her as Blondie. She feels comfy enough that she added me on facebook.

The teacher in the room next door to me is a lipstick lesbian into all things healthy, cooking, biking, and is very pro-gay rights. She's pretty awesome. She makes it a point to break out into singing Adele for me daily since she found out I'm going to her concert next week. We are now facebook friends and spend our department meetings looking at random stuff on facebook/sharing with each other. We're going to have a lot of fun this year since we're working with the same program together. She's so awesome and on top of everything! I need to get in the habit of making food again to share some with her. From here on out she will be called Lipstick Lesbian.

There's 6 gay teachers on our campus, which is unheard of...
the 2 mentioned above
the gay asian I mentioned... omg... he is the biggest flirt... it is so overt... and I don't think he's even trying
Queeny guy
math department head is a lesbian
... and no one really cares...


Bruce said...

Gay Asian huh...I like gay Asians. Remember your friends. LOL

fan of casey said...

Mike: Hey, you have the makings of your school's LGBT club right there.

Have they given you a cute nickname yet?

Jacob Woods said...

Can you imagine attending Berkely for your graduate degree! Gay friendly as hell!

Anonymous said...

I love my local lezzies here too, they're awesome.

Mike said...

@ Bruce: He's a cutie, alright. He has the Filippino look going and always wears a shirt and tie.

@ fan of casey: Friend?

@ Jacob Woods: I can't... not after all that I've dealt with down here.

@ Marvin: Yay!!!

Anonymous said...
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