Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going back into the workweek with stylin' new kicks

Mike was sick on Saturday- we had planned to hang, but he had some sort of 24 bug going around. The sheets were washed and we were ready to see each other on Sunday.

- Went to his house about 10:30, we watched several shows on DVR.
- Sunday evening we were trying to decide what to eat and Mike said he would make polenta and marinara with fake sausage. It was without the veggies this time around, but still good
- Enjoyed a glass of wine
- Got a little sleepy, but managed to stay up for Real Housewives of NJ
- Bed about 10
- Mike gave me a new pair of Cole Haan slip ons to match his. Dress slip on. Now we can be twins!
- As we are heading to bed there are 4 snakes outside of the house. He went into the garage and opened the door to look at something and there were 2 snakes right outside the garage door. He screams, I scream, and we run in the house. We try to go out the front door and I try to go out the front door to get my overnight bag when we see 2 more slithering side to side outside of his front door. HOW SCARY! We shriek, open the door to confirm, then watch through the peep hole as they take off. When the coast was clear I ventured outside, but I needed moral support, Mike to stand at the door to make sure I was safe.
- Fell asleep watching the VMAs and that awesome Adele performance

- Up at 6:30, shower, out of the house and at school by 7:10... that's what is so cool about staying the night at his house
- Work was long... it was a Monday
- I felt tired most of the day
- About 3:45 I get back to Mike's and he said he wanted to go to Target to get lamps to match the lamp shades like we had purchased the night before at Target
- We also go to Nordstrom Rack because there was a sale. MORE SHOES!!! I found a pair of black slip on Cole Haan's that I had seen before, but turned my eye away from since they were $79. They were on sale for $45.80!!!! TOO GOOD OF A DEAL TO PASS UP... sadly that was the only pair of Cole Haan's on sale.
- Mucho appetizers at Market Broiler where I bitched about kids at school and we talked about random stuff. Appetizers included California crunch roll, sauteed (really was just buttered) mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, and sweet/sour calamari. The calamari was pretty good. The happy hour was somewhat disappointing.
- On to Target where we don't really see what we are looking for
- Back to Mike's where we lounge on the couch, chat, and later try some new sex positions. Good stuff. I felt like all arms, though. Boo.
- Bed about 10:45

- Up at 6:30 and at work by 7:10
- Work was good... got lots done... my ELD kids drove me insane today and I gave a detention. Probably should have given more...
- Allergy shots tonight
- Olive Garden for neverending pasta bowl for dinner
- Dessert time.................... yum


Aek said...

What kind of snakes were they? Or was it too dark to see? Most snakes are pretty harmless. Also, they will tend to avoid you unless you're really up in their face.

You and your shoes, lol . . .

fan of casey said...

Mike: I would scream too, I hate reptiles of all sorts. One of the good things about Hawaii -- no snakes!

Nordstrom's Rack has Cole Haan Pinch Tassel loafers all the time, if you like tassels, which I love.

New sex positions? C'mon, you can't leave us hanging without more details! What a tease! ;-)

dan said...

"kicks" ha.. when you coming back though okc bud? later

Mind Of Mine said...

Is the snake appearance normal? We don't have wild snakes here in the UK, so to walk out my door and see a snake would be most unusual and terrifying.

Mike said...

@ Aek: California King- they weren't poisonous from what I understand

@ Mind of Mine: In So Cal where it is desert land/semi desert it is not unusual. It is still scary everytime.