Sunday, August 21, 2011


- Head to Mike's to pick him up and then drag him to dinner with the teachers from school. We had open house and about 10 of us gathered for dinner beforehand. It was good and he got to meet several of them and put names to the faces. Took Mr. W and Mrs. W, no relation, back to school and chatted. Good times.
- Open house was a success y hablé mucho en Espanol con los padres. Had 16 parents total.
- Back to Mike's where I told him about my night, he was trying to load software for work on his computer in the office
- Bed about 10:30 or so. It was good to feel his body next to mine. Of course after a long hiatus, we had to play around some.

- Alarm did not go off at 6:30 like it was supposed to. I happened to wake up at 6:37 and sprinted to shower, grab a slice of toast, and run.
- Difficult 3rd period... I love my partner teacher, Lipstick Lesbian, next door who came to my rescue.
- Lunch with partner teacher, Lipstick Lesbian and the lady in the room next to her. They're a fun bunch.
- Got to Mike's about 3:30 and he was snoring when I came in - did not even notice me. His phone rang and woke him up- he thought it was me being facetious
- About 4:30 he asked what I had planned for the weekend- I said nothing- he said San Diego, he booked a hotel, and we were off
- Major traffic leaving, so we followed his navigation system that lead us on a scenic trip... let's leave it at that... I learned a few ways to get around a few cities I didn't know about, so it was fun
- Stop in Old Town Temecula at an Italian place for dinner... it was pretty good... uncooked Spinach is so not the biz
- Mike and I got to talking about cell phones. I said I am never on mine at work. The only time I pull it out is on my prep period or at lunch, but he went off on a rant about how I am a public employee working for him, and he didn't want me on my phone. Yet it was perfectly acceptable for him to log onto facebook while he is working. And who says I'm not being efficient?
- Get a milkshake for Mike and malt for me at a diner, then off to San Diego
- Rocking out to Adele reenacting the concert from the other night and jamming Nicki Minaj

- Get to the hotel about 9pm and strip down, lay in bed, play on our iPads
- Bed about 10:30 and we spend most of the night cuddling in each other's arms... how I miss that when I'm not around him

- Up at 9:30
- Shower
- Go to Old Town to explore, breakfast of chilaquiles for me and huevos rancheros for him at a Mexican restaurant
- Buy incense and other exciting stuff in Old Town
- Mike asked for directions how to get to the 8 freeway and I didn't know leaving Old Town, but knew how to get to Hotel Circle, which wasn't good enough, so he gave me a hard time, but he was just looking for a fight
- Go down to Mission Valley to the 2 story Target and Nordstrom Rack
- Look for shoes for me, but he vetoed everything- they had a bad selection. He thinks I need a rounded slip on dress shoe. I like the square end. So I'll ask you guys- which shoe do you like the best? I plan to buy the one that you guys vote is the better of the 2... hehehehe... I won't reveal my favorite or his favorite of the 2

- We go to Pt. Loma Light House and watch a boring documentary on whales, watch planes take off from the Naval base, and enjoy the tide pools
- I said I wanted to hit other Nordstrom Rack in San Marcos, so we do, as well as a Marshalls where I get a wallet just like his, but still, bad shoe selection, especially the 2 rows at Marshalls of men's shoes
- Head home
- Email my sis about dinner... dinner with the family Sunday to celebrate my dad and uncle's birthday
- Stop at Fresh & Easy for food

- Up at 8:30
- He tells me to make breakfast, but he didn't like my over easy eggs. I can cook. I swear.
- We look at cruises for somewhere before or after Christmas
- We narrow down a few that look good
- He has another idea of a place to visit, which should be perfect for this time of year, since it will be warm there. I said that sounded good, and he booked it
- WOW! This will be romantic I am thinking...
- Shower about 2:30
- Look at shoes and chat with Mike about which shoes- the 2 shown above
- Head off to dinner with my family, aunt, and uncle
- Dinner was pretty good- went to a steakhouse at the casino nearby- the buffet is the better choice there, but I can now say I've gone since Mike has been curious.
- Came home to get reacquainted with the family for a few hours


fan of casey said...

Mike: I vote for the 1st shoe (the rounder, fuller one). The other one looks like it would pinch your toes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Aek said...

I also agree that the first one looks better and more comfortable than the second. :-)

Mike said...

You guys voted for the most expensive pair - $99 vs. $59... hehehehe.... expensive taste!