Thursday, August 25, 2011


Keith- That man, he irritates me more and more everytime I see him. I saw him last week at the gym. He came up to me as I was working out. I continued working on the bicep machine as he asked me how everything was going- or I think that's what he was asking. I saw his lips move and so I replied with something as I had headphones in my ears and couldn't hear him. I finally took my headphones out of my ears and he was on some tangent about how life was so hard, how busy he was, and I told him straight out I was leaving and walked away.

He messaged me Monday night on facebook, which I ignored.

Last night I went to the gym and was again working on the bicep machine. Headphones were up, he came over and started talking, and I just said hi. He was talking, his mouth stopped moving, so I said "yes, uh huh, yep" to make it look like I had been paying attention. He went off on a 3-4 minute rant about how he has so much work and needs to get groceries, doesn't want to cook, needs wine, needs beer, and I didn't give a rats ass. I told him to he better get moving and get out of here (LA Fitness). He told me he would.

I go out to my car about 5 minutes later and he is lost wandering the parking lot looking for his car. He parked next to me. Then he tried to come over and start talking, but I had my window up and I made a hand motion indicating I was leaving/in a hurry. He made a sad face and I drove off.


Phunk Factor said...

see here's a funny thing..i somehow can't imagine u being all mean and nasty to then i think M@rvin's a saint at times too :p

fan of casey said...

@Phunk Factor -- Mike not mean? Have you read any of his posts about his sis? But she deserves it.

Mike: Keith is being so clueless. You want to avoid having to replay this same scene over and over again? You have to tell him it's over (your friendship with him). Tell him and tell him why because if you are not going to give him a chance to make amends to you, then you have to end it.

Phunk Factor said...

@ fan of casey

no...the whole sister issue is different...cuz he has to live with a lil venting about her makes otherwise he's such a softie!

P.S. I'm purposefully trying to push ur buttons =D

fan of casey said...

Mike is not a softie, he's hard as steel . . . umm, what were we talking about again? ;-)

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