Sunday, August 14, 2011

When and if I finally get paid there are some must buys

1. a foot massage... I wore some Apt 9 shoes from Kohls last week that absolutely killed and pained my feet. I have been trying to work the pain out since. We have a place that advertises an hour foot massage for $19. I absolutely love foot massages. I am going to check it out. After standing on my feet 6.5 hours+ a day, they deserve a treat. I'm thinking this may become a bi-monthly indulgence.
2. Green Vans shoes $45/Red Vans shoes
3. Pay off my credit card $400
4. A new black belt $30-50
5. New pair of slip on dress shoes. Cole Haan maybe? A trip to Cabazon is in the works I think... $100+
6. Treat Mike to a really nice dinner for treating me this summer when funds were low +60-100
7. More shoes! $200+
8. Gray producer pants from Express $60
9. Sport coat? Mike has me toying with the idea. We found one at Banana Republic that has an awesome fit and it beige. I don't know I could pull it off or would actually wear it tons. $100
10. Clearance dress shirts at Macys... they always have so many for like $15 if you have lots of coupons
11. Black Chuck Taylor Converse... I've never owned a pair. Gasp! $40
12. Make a student loan payment to get ahead on that... it will take about 10 years to pay off my loan


Aek said...

That's a lot of shoes . . .

Perhaps the student loan debt should come first and then buy shoes with what's left. :-P

fan of casey said...

Mike: What do you mean "If you get paid?" -- since you did the work, of course they are obligated to pay you.

I think your BF should give you a foot massage, that's sexier.

Cole Haan Pinch Tassel is a classic loafer. You might find it at Nordstrom Rack on sale in your narrow size. I can't find it for my EEE extra wide so I have to order it from

Only get a light color sports coat if you don't spill food easily cause stains show up so conspicuously.

You have too many shoes already, LOL.

Mind Of Mine said...

You just as much of shoe problem as I do, have you ever considered that you might have a foot fetish, you love foot massages and are obviously addicted to buying shoes :P

In all seriousness though, I love trainers and I would spend my last pound on a pair.

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

@ Aek: Maybe
@ fan of casey: Feet are so not hot and who wants to touch someone else's feet? I like the more modern looking Cole Haan.
@ Mind of Mine: I do like shoes and tell people I have a shoe fetish. Feet, though, not so much, get them away from me! I don't need to see someone's ugly toes!

Anonymous said...